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Is homecare the right career for you?

Homecare workers play a vital role in bringing dedicated and specialist care to people most in need. Working in a range of different homes and offering tailored care to each of the people you come across, you’ll be bringing dignity and support to people’s lives by helping them carry out day-to-day activities, preventing loneliness and acting as an important source of encouragement and interaction.

Whether your skills are best suited to working with people in need of mental health support or specialist care, or with people who have physical and mental disabilities, this is a highly rewarding role. From meeting new people every day to bringing independence and happiness to those you care for, this varied and sometimes challenging job will help you develop new skills and pursue a career in helping others.

Working in homecare

Homecare is such a rewarding career and you do not need to be qualified or have experience to succeed. What you do need is a core set of values which include patience, care, empathy, trust, and passion. A true passion to make a difference to the lives of those people we support. Our homecare jobs will provide extensive on-the-job training to get you up to speed.

For care jobs, your personal qualities are the most important aspect of matching you to a role - skills and qualifications can be gained whilst you are employed. To succeed as a care worker, you will ideally have a friendly and open way with people, be a clear communicator and have a commitment to continuous development. These skills will prepare you for responsibilities that could include:

  • personal care
  • helping patients prepare food
  • assisting with shopping for essentials
  • ensuring medication is ordered and being taken properly
  • offering company and companionship

Why choose a career in homecare?

Homecare workers work in a highly rewarding job. Not only will you be at the forefront of bringing care and encouragement to people who most need it, you’ll also be challenged professionally. From tackling new learning opportunities every day to having the satisfaction of bringing people comfort, you will have a tangible impact on people’s lives working in homecare.

And when you find your next homecare job with Medacs, you’ll benefit from plenty of expert support. You’ll have access to:

  • fully supported training
  • the freedom to flex your working patterns around your needs
  • ongoing development and support
  • holiday pay
  • access to Care4Carers - our support service exclusively available to health and social care professionals

What does pursuing a career in homecare look like?

Following a short period in a role she found unfulfilling, Linda decided to start a new career in homecare. She wanted the people she supported to feel like they’d gained a friend, rather than just someone who was providing care and support. We asked her some questions about why she decided to become a care worker:

When did you start your career in homecare?

“I’ve been caring now for about 20 years.”

What made you want to become a care worker?

“I started my career working in a residential home for the elderly, but it just wasn’t for me and I was only there for four months. It was because there wasn’t any one-to-one quality time with the residents. They just wanted someone to talk to. After I left, a friend told me about homecare. I applied for a role with a local employer at first and then joined Medacs Healthcare back in 2010. I’ve never looked back. I love every single day!”

What is the most rewarding part about being a care worker?

“It’s the little things that happen in my day-to-day job as a care worker – the things that others would take for granted. It’s the gratitude you receive when someone feels so rested following a bath or a shower. It’s how thankful they are when you’ve encouraged them to eat a little something to keep their strength up. It’s the thanks you receive for combing someone’s hair who just can’t do it by themselves, and the ‘god bless you’ you hear when you help someone into bed. There’s just too many to mention!”

What has been the most challenging part about being a care worker?

“Definitely the hurt you feel when someone you’ve cared for passes away. What keeps you going is the knowledge that you did your best to make them feel so comfortable whilst in your care.”

What do you enjoy most about working with Medacs?

“I’ve been with Medacs for almost eight years. I feel so valued and respected for the work I do and they keep me involved which I’m so grateful for.”

What would you say to anyone considering a career in homecare?

“Follow your heart. You will never find a more rewarding and fulfilling job with so much love, gratitude and respect.”

What’s next for your career?

If you’re looking for a rewarding job where you’ll be making a positive impact on people’s lives every day, consider whether homecare should be the next career for you. Medacs support over 1,500 elderly and vulnerable people nationwide with offices in Bristol, Cheshire, Leeds, Leicester, London, Manchester and Tameside. Browse and apply for our homecare roles or review our recruitment process.

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