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AUG 29/2019

Moving to the Middle East: A Guide to Living and Working for Doctors, Nurses and AHPs

Is your dream to live and work abroad? Discover the reasons to move to the Middle East and find out how becoming a doctor, nurse or AHP in the UAE, Saudi Arabia or Qatar could be for you with our handy living and working guide.

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APR 11/2019

Questions for Newly Qualified Nurses Considering Agency Jobs

There are numerous benefits to agency nursing for newly qualified nurses. Discover what questions all newly qualified nurses should consider before choosing a nursing agency.

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APR 04/2019

Would You Make a Good Agency Nurse?

Have you ever wondered if you would make a good agency nurse? Learn more about the finer points of agency nursing, from working in new environments to achieving the right work-life balance and discover whether it is the ideal career for you.

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APR 02/2019

Zanda Ladu: Caring Teaches You About Yourself

“I have been a carer for most of my adult life. I’ve had care ingrained into my life from the day that I became a primary carer at the age of 25 for both my Mum and Dad, who are sadly no longer with us. As for my current care journey, it was just a natural fulfilment of my burning desire to help others. For 15 months now, I have been a care worker and I intend to continue to my small days.” Continue to read Zanda’s homecare journey here.

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APR 02/2019

Bridget McCann: A Manchester Star Care Worker

Bridget had always considered herself to be a kind-hearted person. For two years, she worked voluntarily as a care worker for the elderly at a care home. Bridget delighted in seeing people thrive through independence and enjoyed her time so much that she decided she wanted to join the profession and support more vulnerable people within the community. Through her actions, Bridget was nominated and won Manchester Star Care Worker for Q4 2018. Here’s why…

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MAR 11/2019

Preparing for an Interview in Homecare

People respond differently to the thought of having an interview for a new job. Whatever your situation, it’s good practice to prepare for an interview to give yourself the best chance at being selected for the role. We've interviewed Debbie Smith, Recruiter for the Leicester office to ask her recommendations. 

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JAN 31/2019

Michelle Smith: My Journey Through Homecare

Michelle Smith started her homecare journey in 2015 as a care worker in Manchester. This is Michelle's journey from primary carer to senior care worker.

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NOV 28/2018

Identifying and Preventing Elderly Malnutrition

With an estimated 1.3 million people over 65 suffering from malnutrition1, undernourishment is a widespread problem in the UK and one that costs the health and social care system over £19.6 billion each year2. This article helps people to identify malnutrition and highlights ways to prevent it.

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OCT 09/2018

Taking care of your mental health in later life

As we grow older we often think to take more care of our physical health rather than both our physical and mental health. Retirement, staying healthy and active, finances, mobility and independence can all effect our mental well-being. There may also be the worry of our loved ones’ health, being widowed or divorced, gaining a physical disability, illness or fear of loneliness and isolation when living on your own. This article explores some of the mental health challenges in later life and offers advice for keeping a healthy mind.

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SEP 26/2018

How homecare workers can spot fraud and scams

A recent BBC investigation has released a shocking statistic that fraudsters scammed nearly 49,000 older people (aged 60 and over) across the UK in the past year, the equivalent to almost six reports every hour. Perhaps most pertinent, is the fact that 1,140 of those victims were aged over 90 and 13 were over 100. This article provides guidance for homecare workers on spotting potential fraudulent activity within a service user's home.

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