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AUG 29/2019

Moving to the Middle East: A Guide to Living and Working for Doctors, Nurses and AHPs

Is your dream to live and work abroad? Discover the reasons to move to the Middle East and find out how becoming a doctor, nurse or AHP in the UAE, Saudi Arabia or Qatar could be for you with our handy living and working guide.

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MAY 20/2019

Healthcare Professionals: How to Set up a Limited Company in Six Steps

As an agency nurse or locum doctor, setting up a limited company is one of the most tax-efficient formats for carrying out work. Learn how to set up a limited company in six steps.

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MAY 02/2018

Live and Work in Australia or New Zealand: Guides for Doctors and Nurses

Are you a doctor, nurse or allied health professional keen to live and work in Australia or New Zealand? Check out our handy guides to living and working in Australia and New Zealand to see if the move could result in a better lifestyle for you. 

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OCT 08/2015

Infographic. Some of the facts surrounding mental health

Mental health – what is it? How common is it? What can be classed as a mental health disorder? What symptoms can cause mental health issues?  How does it affect health care providers?

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NOV 24/2014

Ever wondered what life at sea is like for a cruise ship doctor?

We recently caught up with Dr Lee Blackburn, who is currently at the end of his first tour of duty on board a cruise ship carrying around 1,900 passengers and 800 crew members. 

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MAY 02/2014

Forensic medicine: a fascinating and rewarding career path

Forensic medical jobs can offer one of the most interesting career paths available to healthcare workers, providing all sorts of unique responsibilities and experiences. 

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