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Attracting the healthcare talent you need

Medacs Healthcare prides itself on maintaining an extensive candidate database of candidates, all of whom have gone through a robust compliance process. 
It’s this commitment to compliance which is one of the key distinguishing features of our service. So we check the documentation, qualifications and records of all applicants rigorously before putting them on to our database and letting them work with clients. 
We believe this level of due diligence is a must for clients who want the assurance of continuity of high quality care. 
Our healthcare talent database covers all core specialties and regions giving us an ability to meet client needs which is second to none. As a consistent leading provider of medical professionals in the UK, we have developed processes and practices to support the attraction, retention and provision of medical staff. We keep in regular contact with our candidates, ensuring they are informed, committed and engaged. 

Dedicated candidate resourcing teams

It is a sign of the strength of our reputation, and the quality of the support and opportunities we offer our candidates, that the majority of new registrations are generated through our candidate referral scheme.
In addition, our candidate resourcing teams continually develop pipelines of new and specialist healthcare talent, to ensure we are able to provide clients with the right candidates, with the right skills, in the right place. 
We attract healthcare talent in a variety of ways, including open days, exhibitions, on-line and off-line advertising such as the regional press, journal advertising, and job boards. Increasingly our website is becoming a key source of enquiries with thousands of visitors each week. Combined with our innovative online registration process, this means we are able to deal with new candidates rapidly and efficiently. 
Our candidate attraction specialists continually seek out new media, relationships and channels to attract hard to find specialties needed by our clients. If required, our specialist international team can extend the search for talent overseas.


When we start working with you

Although our unrivalled database of health care talent is often enough to meet the day-to-day needs of many clients, major contracts may require a more bespoke arrangement. In these circumstances, when you become a Medacs Healthcare client we will meet with you to discuss your specific needs and emerging trends. We'll develop a candidate attraction plan to ensure we attract the candidates you need, and we'll keep this under review as part of your regular review meeting with your account manager.

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