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Homecare Division

Our Homecare division prides itself on being a quality homecare provider that coordinates and delivers domiciliary care, specialist care and complex care services to the elderly, children, and those with special needs within their homes.

Governed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), our teams work with service users, their loved ones, local authorities, social services and case managers to create customised homecare packages that promote independence, wellbeing and quality of life. Our care workers and specialist support workers are part of our in-house teams to ensure high-quality care is provided.

Typical roles within this division

There are many different opportunities within our Homecare division that include:

Care Coordinators

As a Care Coordinator you will be accountable for the deployment and management of all Care Workers, which would include fulfilling care packages, keeping time and absences of Care Workers, and system administration.

Care Workers

As a Care Worker you will help individuals to live independently in their own homes by completing support records, medication charts, accident forms and body maps at every visit. You would also report any concerns, and protect the rights and promote interests of our customers.

Field Care Supervisors

As a Field Care Supervisor, you will continuously monitor and supervise the quality of care within a defined geographical area or service line by supervising Care Worker shifts, doing spot checks with Care Workers, and supporting Care Workers’ personal and professional development.


As a Trainer you will help develop and deliver training to all Care Workers. You will also work with staff across our branches to deliver refresher training and specific ongoing training requirements in line with identified development areas.


As a Recruiter you will undertake all initial screenings of Care Worker candidates wanting to join our team, perform face to face interviews and check, apply and monitor all DBS applications. You would also do proactive marketing and advertising of our job vacancies. 

Resourcing Managers

As a Resourcing Manager you will develop and deliver long-term recruitment and retention strategies of homecare by nurturing trusted relationships with potential new hires, managing the local front-end Resourcing team and determining qualification criteria for potential Care Worker candidates. 

Quality Officers

As a Quality Officer you will be responsible for supporting the Registered Branch Manager in ensuring the branch is fully compliant at all times with CQC, legal and contractual requirements to safeguard us under our policies and procedures.

ECM Administrators

As an ECM (Electronic Call Monitoring) Administrator you will be part of our branch team and facilitate the delivery of care, and help achieve our KPIs by monitoring the ECM system, produce ECM reports and maintain ECM compliance.

Care Managers

As a Care Manager you will be responsible for managing the provision of care within a branch in line with regulatory and legislative requirements by providing a variety of reports and schedules, doing regular audits, providing administrative support and doing telephone quality checks.

Registered Branch Managers

As a Registered Branch Manager you will be responsible for the management of any assigned homecare customer contract and any associated sub-contracts by conducting financial forecasts, issue and risk assessments and local business development.

Business Support Managers

As a Business Support Manager you aid the Head of Operations to grow and develop the business. You will create clear and concise action plans, which need to be communicated in a way that our colleagues understand and are likely to buy in to.

Head of Operations

As Head of Operations you will manage a team and develop the market, client and Care Worker candidate strategy, forecast and meet planned budget expectations, manage financial spend, meet team performance targets and lead the overall team. 

Working in our Homecare division

On a daily basis, our teams coordinate visitations into people’s homes to provide personal care to individuals, so that they can continue to live in their homes independently without having to go into bed-based care or a hospital setting.

Where you could work

We have CQC registered branches and services in seven locations – Bradford, Bristol, Leeds, Leicester, London and Manchester. Across our branches we have around 90 staff who plan and coordinate our services, and around 750 Care Workers out in the communities we serve. Around 28,000 home visits are coordinated each week, with visits ranging from 15 minutes up to 10 hours each.

What our work environment is like

The pace of the work within this division is very quick and fast-paced due to the ageing population of the UK and very large demand of people needing specialist care. No two days are this same and can seem quite demanding at times, but our teams collaborate and support each other when challenges arise.

Our branch staff have the flexibility to work from home if they’d like, however this division generally prefers to work from our offices to provide extra support to our Care Workers that are out in communities. Homecare services are provided 24/7 every day of the year, so our staff would typically work shifts. During the day, staff would typically work 6am to 3pm, or 10am to 6pm, and would then hand over to our Out of Hours team who would work at night and over weekends. Each of our branches would coordinate and manage their shifts independently.

Career advancement opportunities 

We place a great focus on performance & development (P&D) to help our staff progress through their chosen career paths. Development can be approached through a multitude of angles from on-the-job training and e-learning materials to formal training workshops.

Career Pathways

In our Homecare division, there are two main (but flexible) career pathways that our staff generally follow:

  1. Care Workers (earning between £20,000 - £25,000) can progress through their careers to become a Registered Branch Manager (earning between £30,000 - £35,000) by moving through a Care Coordinator pathway from Care Worker to ECM Administrator, to Field Care Supervisor, to Care Coordinator, to Senior Care Coordinator, to Quality Officer, to Care Manager, to Registered Branch Manager. 
  2. Recruiters (earning between £20,000 - £25,000) can progress through their careers to become ResourcingManagers (earning between £40,000 - £50,000) by moving through a Recruitment pathway from Recruiter, to Recruitment Consultant, to Resourcing Manager.