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Employee Counselling and Support

Stress, depression and anxiety are estimated to be the cause of more lost working days than any other work related illness. More than a third of management referrals are likely to be linked to mental health issues.

Medacs Healthcare's employee counselling and support team can help managers and employees to identify and address work related stress. We also promote positive mental health in the workforce, and health awareness through health promotion workshops, promotional events and consultations.

We provide access to occupational health advisors and qualified professional counsellors who offer advice, training and counselling on all aspects of stress management and work/life balance. This also entails occupation health support covering a range of personal and emotional issues, including bereavement support, addressing harassment and conflict at work, and trauma support.

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Consultancy and Support Services - The benefits

  • Improved motivation and staff morale
  • Reduced risk of sickness absence
  • Increased profits and productivity
  • Reduction in staff turnover

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