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Are you interested in working as a doctor in the UK? As the UK’s leading staffing supplier to the NHS, we here at Medacs Healthcare pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to every doctor. We fully support your developmental needs, allowing you to deliver outstanding care to your patients.

But don’t just take our word for it; find out what our doctors have had to say about our service and how the care and support we offer has helped them adapt to life in the United Kingdom.  

Dr Sharma, Specialit Registrar, Renal Medicine

Dr Sharma Testimonial

"Medacs Healthcare was honest and straightforward and helpful throughout my personal experience.

The help I received from Medacs Healthcare was immense. This was my second time applying for a visa. During my previous visa application, I had to sort it all by myself and this time I had really good help from all the liaison officers at Medacs Healthcare.

They would chase the trust and keep me up-to-date with what was happening. When you’re sitting abroad you don’t know what’s happening and how things are moving along [in the UK]. Somebody needs to coordinate that and I think Medacs Healthcare was pretty good for me.

Medacs Healthcare has a good understanding of jobs that are available in the UK and abroad. I remember I was asked a few questions and asked to fill in a questionnaire before they put me forward for potential jobs and I think that helped me. If I’m not wrong, this is the first job offer I got through Medacs Healthcare and I’m happy.

The execution was very seamless and brief. I still get calls from the liaison officers who I was in touch with asking how I am settling in. What about my house? What about my family? These things do count a lot because when you are in a new country you have nobody to look after you. Somebody telephoning, asking how you are doing is important. The small things do count.

I would definitely recommend Medacs Healthcare to my friends and colleagues. I have already given their details to three of my colleagues and I hope they’ll be able to get the same help I received.

Dr Zuberi

"I am thankful to Medacs Healthcare for arranging an interview with the NHS and getting me a job in UK within a month. I am highly impressed by the height of professionalism and unmatched dedication and commitment. It was a great  pleasure to get to know the team of extremely sincere, considerate and wonderful people."

Dr Papadimitraki

"Despite my limited NHS experience, Medacs Healthcare went through my CV carefully and responsibly, introducing me to smaller hospitals initially, then to larger ones, once I had adjusted to the UK system. Our collaboration was impeccable. Medacs Healthcare saw my special interest in cardiology and introduced me to relevant jobs that helped me to upgrade my CV and become more competitive in the field I liked. Medacs Healthcare was always around when minor or major issues came up, helping to resolve them promptly."

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