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Homecare Services

With 30 years of homecare expertise, Medacs Healthcare supports over 1,500 elderly and vulnerable people nationwide, working on behalf of numerous local authorities and private funders.

We have six regional homecare branches, all CQC registered, and a broad network of care professionals, including skilled and specialist home care workers, sleep-in and out-of-hours teams, experienced office administrators, quality assessors and care managers, field care supervisors, clinical teams and senior care managers and directors.

In addition to standard domiciliary based care, our services include:

  • 24-7 Home Care, including sleep-ins
  • Specialist Care for mental health, dementia, learning/physical disabilities
  • Complex Care for severe mental health, brain/spine injuries
  • Reablement Support Services
  • Specialist Person-Centred and Wellbeing Services
  • Extra-Care Supported Living Schemes
  • Trusted Assessor Services
  • Intelligent Homecare Monitoring and Management (technology-enabled)
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Transforming care provision

With unprecedented budget and resource pressures, councils face an uphill battle to provide better care, safeguard care workers and support more people for the same cost. 

To meet this challenge means shifting away from traditional ‘time and task’ based models and developing more effective and innovative ways of working with homecare providers. 

We work collaboratively with local authorities to successfully deliver a range of new, often technology-enabled initiatives that promote person-centred care, independent living and more efficient ways of working. Our priority is to connect everyone involved in a person’s care journey, from social services to communities and families.

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Homecare Services

Domiciliary care

We provide domiciliary care (home care) for children, adults and elderly service users. Many domiciliary care packages involve a degree of personal care and domestic duties. Personal care usually involves help with getting in and out of bed, dressing, bathing, toileting and medication prompts. Typically, domestic duties involve cooking, light housework, laundry and shopping. We also deliver tailored dementia care in the home.

Specialist care

As an experienced specialist care provider, Medacs Healthcare understands the importance of finding a support worker with the relevant skills, qualifications and experience to deliver care and support to the service user's particular needs. Whether you or your loved one requires support with trachea, peg feeding, case management or dementia care, we are fully equipped to match you with the support team that is right for you.

Mental health 

If you or your loved one suffers from a mental health issue such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bipolar, OCD, schizophrenia or post-traumatic stress disorder, Medacs Healthcare can help. We work with you and your existing support network to design and deliver person-centric care that can include anything from personal care, assistance with domestic duties and support re-entering community life.

Learning disabilities

Medacs Healthcare provides homecare for adults and children with learning disabilities. Our person-centred approach ensures we deliver tailored support that promotes independence in the home and confidence to access the wider community.

Physical disabilities

Medacs Healthcare provides home care for adults and children with physical disabilities. Our person-centred approach ensures we deliver tailored support that promotes independence in the home and confidence to access the wider community.

Acquired brain injury

We specialise in home care for people with acquired brain injuries. Working with the service user’s family and wider support network, we create flexible tailored care packages that support positive risk taking for enhanced, independent living.

Spinal injury care

We specialise in short and long term home care for people with spinal cord injuries. With a focus on re-ablement for independent living, we create flexible care packages with the service user and their wider support network. Support workers will be recruited with the relevant skills, qualifications and experience to deliver care and support relevant to the service user's particular needs.

Funding for care

Home care payment options

When it comes to paying for home care, there are generally two choices; you can either fund the care yourself or apply to your local authority for full or partial payment support. If the latter option is the most applicable, there are two types of funding available; personal budget or individual budget.

Personal budget

A personal budget is an amount of money granted to those who have been assessed by their local authority and deemed as someone who needs care. The personal budget amount will depend on the service user’s financial circumstances.

If you are eligible for a personal budget, you can either choose to direct your local authority on how to spend this budget on your behalf, or you can receive your personal budget as a direct payment.

Both options are explained below:

  • Direct Payment – personal budget payments are made direct to the service user (or a trust fund managed by a family member, friend or social worker) so that care may be purchased from a care provider such as ourselves. For more information on direct payments visit the NHS Choices website.
  • Individual Service Fund – if a service user (or the person responsible for their care) is unable or unwilling to manage direct payments, the local authority will commission the services of a care provider such as ourselves and pay for the support directly. The service user still has complete control over how this money is spent.

Individual budget

An individual budget is similar to a personal budget however; it can be used more flexibly to meet individual needs and may also include other funding such as the Independent Living Fund.

Choosing to take your personal budget as a direct payment enables you to have choice and control over how and when your money is spent. However, as a general rule the money must be spent on services and/or equipment that meet your needs for care and support based on your assessment.

Medacs Healthcare is an accredited home care provider and can work with you to develop a flexible care plan that meets your specific care needs. Call your nearest branch today for more information.

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