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The Homecare Recruitment Process

Seven Steps to Job Fulfilment in Homecare 

  • Step One: Telephone Conversation 
  • Step Two: An Informal Interview 
  • Step Three: The Job Offer 
  • Step Four: Induction Training 
  • Step Five: DBS, Right to Work and Reference Checks
  • Step Six: Shadow Training
  • Step Seven: You’re Ready! 

As with any job, there are a number of steps that need to be completed before you can go out to work, especially if that role involves providing care to vulnerable children, adults or the elderly. 

Whilst we want to support in getting you ready for work as quickly as possible, we must be confident that every person we employ holds the right values for delivering outstanding care to our service users. 

The core Medacs Healthcare values are: 

  • Care - We care about the experience of every individual that interacts with our business 
  • Accountability - Both together and individually, we acknowledge and assume responsibility for all we do 
  • Excellence - We strive to provide the highest quality of service in every aspect of our business 
  • Integrity - We pride ourselves in operating in a trustworthy and transparent manner, always delivering on our promises 
  • Innovation - We want to be the leader in delivering cutting edge homecare solutions to our care workers, staff and service users. 

In a care role, empathy, patience, consideration, passion and dedication are also required. If you feel you share the same values, then you’re ready for a role in homecare. 

The length of time it takes for you to be ready to work often depends on the checks. For someone who has never worked in care before, it can often be between 5-6 weeks, here’s why. 

Step One: Telephone Conversation 

Upon showing an interest for one of our homecare roles, our dedicated branch recruiter will attempt to contact you within 24 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays) to have a friendly chat at your convenience. On this call the recruiter will ask whether you have any prior experience or qualifications, past criminal convictions and a right to work in the UK, preferred location of work, the hours and days you wish to work and why you want to work in homecare. 

If you show the caring characteristics and values to pass some of our initial checks, you will be invited along to an informal interview where we will discuss your background in more detail. You’ll also be sent an application pack to complete plus a list of items to bring for your interview.  

Don’t worry if you’ve not fully made up your mind on working in homecare, our recruiters will be happy to give you the information you require so that you can make the decision as and when you want to. 

Step Two: An Informal Interview 

The interview will take around one hour and will be scheduled to fit around you. It’s likely to be held at one of our local branches and you’ll go through the application pack, plus a few additional questions to ensure that you understand what’s involved in homecare and that the role is right for you. 

Don’t worry if you’ve not been able to complete all of your application pack prior to arriving, our recruiters will support you through the final pieces. 

Step Three: The Job Offer 

If the interview is a success you’ll be advised on the next steps of the job offer, including completing a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check if not already done, obtaining your references, booking in for the induction training and, of course, receiving your formal job offer. All of which will be supported by the recruiter to ensure we gather the right information and get you ready for work as soon as possible. 

Step Four: Induction Training 

We support every applicant with the relevant training for the role. Our induction training is a comprehensive three-day course provided by highly skilled and experienced homecare trainers. 

You will gain an awareness of the knowledge you require to carry out a homecare role and practical skills such as manual handling, basic life support and safe handling of medication. 

We also provide allowances during your induction to support with your expenses. 

Step Five: DBS, Right to Work and Reference Checks 

During the process, you’ll be asked to complete a DBS check if you don’t already have a portable version. This service is imperative to care and ensures that employees and service users remain safe especially around vulnerable people. 

We also require references that cover the last two years. They can be either employment, professional, academic or written from the Job Centre/Benefits Office confirming benefit recipient dates. 

Step Six: Shadow Training 

You’re almost there! When attending shadow training you’ll be on a visit with some of our most experienced care workers, who you’ll be able to watch and learn from first hand. 

When you feel ready to go out on your own, you will be presented with an employment contract and official offer letter which you must date and sign. 

Step Seven: You’re Ready! 

The final step is to provide you with on-going support in your role. As a new care worker you will be supported to complete the Care Certificate within the first 12 weeks of your employment. You’ll also have a dedicated care coordinator who will support you in scheduling your work, receive regular communications and support from the manager and business, plus opportunities for career development should you wish to climb the homecare ladder. 

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