General Medicine Doctors play an important role diagnosing complex illnesses and prescribing treatments. You will be working with patients displaying a range of different symptoms that you will need to quickly diagnose, as well as assigning them to departments or specialists who can provide the care needed.

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What does a General Medicine Doctor do?

General Medicine Doctors ensure that patients with a range of illnesses and symptoms are diagnosed quickly and receive treatments or care from specialists that can help. You will spend most of your time in an acute medical unit, medical admissions unit, or medical ward, where you will be monitoring the condition of existing patients and assessing new ones.

The daily life of a General Medicine Doctor is varied. You could be looking after a patient awaiting surgery who needs regular medical attention due to complex illness symptoms, whilst also reviewing new patient cases as they are admitted. You will need to make decisions about how new arrivals can best be treated, as well as deciding whether or not they need to see a specialist.

As a General Medicine Doctor, your main responsibilities include:

  • actively supporting patients and families with clear communication
  • developing treatment plans with colleagues and specialists
  • prescribing treatments
  • monitoring the conditions of your patients and recording any changes
  • working closely with a multidisciplinary team
  • performing basic administrative tasks
  • conducting research

You will also need to work closely with a range of colleagues and specialists to ensure the right treatments are being delivered. These include:

  • A&E staff
  • medical specialists
  • nurses

What qualifications and experience do you need to work as a General Medicine Doctor (SHO) with Medacs?

To work as a General Medicine Doctor, you will need specialist skills and qualifications, as well as relevant experience. Key criteria include:

  • a degree in medicine or surgery, or equivalent
  • a two-year foundation of general training
  • six months’ NHS experience within the last three years

Some key soft skills you will also need include:

  • the ability to think quickly and be decisive
  • excellent attention to detail
  • good problem-solving skills
  • empathy and understanding
  • a dedication to improving your skills
  • active listening skills

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