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Good Mental Health Campaign

Medacs Healthcare is running a 'Good Mental Health' campaign aimed at raising awareness of Mental Health conditions around the world. Often people with Mental Health conditions suffer in silence and we want to help promote Good Mental Health by starting the conversation.


For the campaign we have produced a number of blogs, infographics and videos. Feel free to share with whoever you want, anything you can do to promote Good Mental Health is great!

Infographic:Mental Health Facts

Video: Mental vs Physical Health

Blog: Mental Health in the Media

Blog: Mental Health in Society Today


We believe the first step towards good mental health starts with a conversation. You can join the conversation online using #GoodMentalHealth. If you are looking to run your own 'Tea and Talk' fundraiser you can find more details here

Help and Support

If you need help or support with Mental Health we have listed a couple of the top charities below. Remember, it's good to talk!

Mental Health Foundation


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