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Need assistance? We strive to offer you and all our locum doctors the best service possible. These pages are here to help you get the most from our site and also to help you resolve any queries you may have.

I am registered with the HPC/RPSGB/GDC but I have no UK experience, can you still obtain work for me?

Yes as long as you have the correct Right to Work and you can provide supporting references from a Consultant relating to your two most recent posts in your own country.

What documentation do you need from me?


  • HPC/RPSGB/GDC Registration (for more info go to),,
  • Proof of Identification e.g. Passport or EU ID Card
  • UK Visa (For Non EU Members)
  • Immunisation Records Status & Proof of Immunity for:
    • Hepatitis B (& Titre Level)
    • Measles & Mumps Immunity
    • Rubella
    • Varicella
    • Tubercolosis
    • Hepatitis B SAG (EPP Only)
    • Hepatitis C (EPP Only)
    • HIV Test (EPP Only)
  • Health Certificate of Fitness
  • Two Signed Colour Passport Photos
  • CRB & Police Check (Enhanced will be carried out by Medacs Healthcare)
  • Certificates of Qualifications i.e. Basic Qualifications and Higher Qualifications
  • Life Support Certificate
  • CV
  • Mandatory Training Certificates which include the following (Medacs Healthcare provide on-line training):
    • Health & Safety
    • Infection Control
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Caldicott Protocols
    • Loneworker Training


I was registered with Medacs Healthcare previously; do I need to send in original documentation again?

Not all original documentation will be needed again only those that have expired, your new Recruitment Consultant can advise you.

I wasn't asked for all these documents when previously registered with Medacs Healthcare.

PaSA (who are our external auditors and determine what documentation is needed) are now requesting that we obtain more original documentation that may have not been requested when you were previously registered.

My original qualification certificate is overseas but I have a copy with me here in UK, can I still work as a locum?

It is a PaSA requirement that we hold verified copies of all Qualification, if you are returning home in the near future please collect the certificate and bring them back with yourself, alternatively ask a family member or someone at home to post them. Alternatively, you can obtain a letter from the Medical School stating the qualification that was obtained and when it was obtained.

Do you provide information on work permits and Visa's?

Your recruitment consultant can advise you on the correct procedure or give you the information of who to contact.

Do you help with the cost of the CRB?

Yes we do, speak with your Recruitment Consultant

Why do I need do another CRB for you when I already have one that is less than 12months old?

To ensure you do not miss out on work opportunities through Medacs Healthcare we require you to apply for a new CRB Disclosure prior to your current one expiring.

I already hold a CRB Disclosure issued through my current trust and so why should I do a new one?

The CRB no longer facilitate portability, therefore Medacs Healthcare require you to complete a new application upon registering for work. We can use a Disclosure issued within the last 12 months (providing it holds the current address as stated in section A of the application form).

Why can't you use an Online Bank Statement for my CRB application?

Bank Statements and Utility bills are utilised as proof of current address, therefore as online bank statements are e-mailed to customers, they do not cover this requirements.

All Utility Bills and Banking Statements are in my partners name and so other than my Passport I have nothing to send.

There are many other addressed documents that can be provided such as a valid Vehicle Registration document, Store Card statement, Addressed payslip and a CRB Disclosure Certificate issued by another body dated within the last 12 months.

Why can you not use my photo card driver's license as an identity document to complete my application?

A photo card Drivers License can only be used as part of your CRB application if it holds your current address. Although this is classed as an identity and not addressed document, if it does not hold your current address this invalidates the document.

Can you supply me with another copy of my CRB Disclosure as I have misplaced my original?

Within a 28 day timeframe of the issue date it is possible to obtain a copy from the Criminal Records Bureau. However after this time a copy will not be available. Due to CRB guidelines Medacs Healthcare are unable to provide you with a copy.

What should I do if I am interested in a job?

If you see a job on the Medacs Healthcare website that you are interested in, please notify your placement officer. At this point you will discuss the position in more detail (including Job, Grade, Speciality, Pay, Breaks, Travel, Accommodation and Expenses).

What is the process for putting me forward for a job?

Once you have given your placement officer the go ahead to apply, we will forward a file with all of your documentation to the Trust/Employer. This will consist of your CV, References, Immunisations, GMC, Qualifications, CRB and Right to Work. The decision then lies with the Trust/Employer as to whether they book you for the job or not.

How will I know if I am booked for a locum position?

You will always be notified verbally whether you are successful or not in applying for a position. If successful, this will be followed up with a written communication (either letter, email or both depending on notice of booking).

Can I be put forward for more than one job for the same date?

Yes, however we request that you commit to whichever job comes back to you first and not wait on a potentially 'better' role.

What happens if I have to cancel a booking?

Although we understand that some circumstances outside of your control may dictate cancellations at any time we request that you give us notice of any cancellation in a timely manner with a full valid reason. Just changing your mind will not be acceptable at the time and we ask you for your 100% commitment with each booking.

What happens if the Trust/Employer cancels a booking?

We try to give you as much notice as possible but this is sometimes out of our control and last minute cancellations may occur. In instances such as this we will endeavour to offer you alternative work and do our best to ensure you do not lose out. Medacs Healthcare has a policy of not supplying Doctors to hospitals that habitually do this and each incident is thoroughly investigated as to why the locum is cancelled.

Why do I need to have a HIV test?

All agency workers working in Exposure Prone Procedures are required by PaSA to provide a HIV test result.

I am not willing to ask my Occupational Health Department for the tests you need as they do not need them.

Further to DoH and PaSA guidelines for agency workers which state that requirements differ for agency workers to those working in the NHS fulltime.

My Occupational Health Department or GP are unwilling to carry out the tests required as see them being unnecessary in my current role, how can I arrange these tests to be carried out?

Please contact the Medacs Healthcare Occupational Health team or your Placement Officer for information of organisations able to facilitate these tests.

Why is my colleague not able to verify my TB scar and complete your TB Scar Check Form?

Due to the requirements of PaSA only the designated signatories are authorised to verify your scar.

I work full time in the NHS, why are you asking me for Measles & Mumps immunisations when I don't need them for the NHS?

Due to the nature of locum work, Locum Doctors are more at risk from infection i.e. working at numerous Trusts; therefore guidelines are slightly different to Doctors who work full time in NHS

I'm in the process of renewing my Medical Insurance, will my old certificate do?

You can forward your new certificate once you have received it, in the meantime you can send in your old certificate.

I only have a copy of my passport as the original is at the Home Office; Can I send this instead?

Please forward the copy of your passport and visa you may hold along with the any original letter you have received from the Home Office stating they have firstly received your Passport and the one informing you what visa stamp has been issued.

How soon can I be expected to be paid once I have done a job?

At Medacs Healthcare we run a daily payroll (cut off 4pm) so from when we receive your timesheet, as long it has the correct information, it will take 4 working days to reach your bank account e.g. If a timesheet is received on Monday, payment will be in your bank account on the Thursday

Why am I not being paid for travel when I was told the hospital paid one return journey?

Details of your travel claim must be stated on your timesheet in order to be paid. Not providing this information could lead to delays in payment. Please provide receipts for any non mileage claims.

I sent my timesheet a week ago and have not yet received payment in my Limited Company account?

All timesheets supplied for payment via a Limited Company must be accompanied by a corresponding invoice in order for payment to be released. This would either need to be supplied by yourselves or the Umbrella Company. Ideally these should be provided along with the timesheet in order to reduce payment delays.

I have not received my P60 this year; please can you re-send or provide me with a copy?

We must hold your current address to ensure your P60 and other important information reaches you, therefore please ensure Medacs Healthcare is informed as soon as a change of address occurs. If you have received a P45 from Medacs Healthcare and not worked for us since you would not be due to receive a P60. We are unable to reproduce P60's and therefore we would suggest providing you with a statement of earnings in order for you to hold full details of payments made in the past tax year.

How do I claim my Holiday Pay?

Provide Medacs Healthcare Accounts with a written claim, this can be e-mailed directly to Your claim will then be processed accordingly.

How do I request a duplicate payslip as I have not received mine for my last locum?

Ensure you have allowed 5 working days for receipt and then contact the accounts office either by e-mail ( or phone 01756 703090 with the details of the payslip required. Please also ensure we hold your current address.

I faxed my timesheet to Accounts about a week ago and as yet have not received payment, why not?

Due to individual Hospital/Trust signatory requirements often Medacs Healthcare will receive timesheets with a signature which will not allow payment to be made. Therefore your placement officer will endeavour to obtain the correct signature as soon as possible to allow payment to be made. Also when the timesheet is being signed by the authorised signatory the position of that person must be stated clearly as requested, this will avoid delays in payment.Please note that if you are paid through a Limited Company it will take 5 working days for payment to reach your account.

I have just covered a shift in a NHS hospital and would like to put the job through Medacs Healthcare. Do I need to send in all the original documentation before I get paid?

We will need to hold a compliant file before we can pay for any self arranged shifts, but at some Trusts there may be exceptions which can be discussed with you at time of registration.

I am unable to access my details on the Medacs Healthcare web site/ I have forgotten my password.

Please call or email your Candidate Support/Placement Officer at Medacs Healthcare who will be able to reset your password.

What do I do if I have not had my timesheet signed by the trust I have worked for?

If possible go back to the department for authorisation to be granted, otherwise forward your timesheet to your placement officer who can assist.


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