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Medacs Healthcare is one of the leading international recruitment agencies for Medical Jobs in New Zealand. We have a wide range of doctor, nursing and allied health professional jobs in New Zealand perfect for healthcare professionals trained in the UK.

Every year hundreds of UK, American, Irish, Canadian, German, Dutch, Swiss, Scandinavian and South African healthcare professionals migrate to New Zealand to experience the lifestyle that is unique. It possesses an outdoor culture with the beauty of unspoiled countryside, clean beaches and work opportunities for everyone.

Our service

All our consultants are qualified health professionals and recruitment specialists who have worked and travelled abroad. We believe in providing our candidates and clients with a service that is honest, straightforward and open, and we take pride in our high level of personalised care.

Our aim is to help you find a position that offers both career growth and a great new lifestyle. We spend time talking to you so we can get to know you and you can get to know us. This helps take the unknown out of coming to New Zealand.

We set up interviews for you, negotiate salary packages, guide you through the relocation process and arrange for you to be greeted on arrival. 

We provide:

  • A free service to all candidates
  • Interview techniques/advice and salary negotiation
  • Local information and lifestyle guides
  • Processing of registration and visa applications
  •  Expert advice and assistance throughout your entire transition

In New Zealand, we look for a job that suits you whether it is in the big city or in rural areas among the sheep. We provide you with a challenge to broaden your horizons and extend your scope of practice.

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For healthcare professionals wanting to work in New Zealand, you need to gain New Zealand registration in your field of practice prior to seeking work.


To work in New Zealand, your highest priority should be to obtain New Zealand Nursing Registration. To do this you need a registration pack. Contact Medacs Healthcare for details of how to obtain a pack or visit


You must be registered with the Midwifery Council of New Zealand.


Anaesthetic Technicians

You must be registered with the New Zealand Anaesthetic Technicians Society.



All overseas doctors who wish to work in New Zealand must obtain registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand.



Reciprocal registration agreements exist between New Zealand and Australia and all other applicants will be individually assessed by the board.



You must be registered with the New Zealand Medical Radiation Technologists Board.



You must be registered with the Dental Council of New Zealand.



You must be registered with the New Zealand Audiological Society.



Permanent Residency

If you're wanting to apply for permanent residency in New Zealand, you need to contact the New Zealand Immigration Department. To check out your eligibility, visit New Zealand Immigration on:

Work Permits

These are issued for a specific length of stay (usually one to two years) following a written offer of employment from a New Zealand Health Provider. For enquiries into work permits, contact New Zealand Immigration on:

UK candidates can also contact:

New Zealand High Commission
80 Haymarket, London SW1

Tel: +44 134 471 6199 (If phoning from outside the UK)
Tel: 09 69 100 100 (If calling from within the UK. Calls are charged at £1 per minute and you can be put on hold. We recommend using their website 

Check out some of our jobs below or register now with Medacs Healthcare's New Zealand team via our NZ website.

Living in New Zealand - 100% lifestyle

Where else in the world can you surf in the morning then snow ski in the afternoon? Or lose yourself in an isolated rainforest only an hour from a crowded bar?

New Zealand is a playground for thrill-seekers and adventurers or people who just want to get away from it all. Medacs Healthcare can help you make the most of the wonderful opportunities that exist in such a vibrant, young country.

Here are some quick facts to impress your friends:

  • New Zealand is about the size of Great Britain or California with a population of 3.8 million. It is one of the world's least crowded countries.
  • New Zealand is a three-hour flight from Sydney.
  • Everyone speaks English.
  • The Personal Tax Rate range varies from 22.2 to 40.2 cents in the dollar.
  • Wellington is the capital city.
  • The New Zealand Government sits in a building called the Beehive.
  • And yes, Lord of the Rings was made right here

So choose from cities such as multi-cultural Auckland; the subtropical 'city of sails', centre stage Wellington, the South Island's garden city Christchurch or the 'Edinburgh of the South' Dunedin.

If city living isn't your thing, we have stunning regional areas including the farming rich Waikato and our feted wine-producing areas such as Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa, Marlborough and Central Otago.

New Zealand is increasingly known for its adventure tourism, its pristine environment, cutting-edge fashion, quality produce and Pacific Rim cuisine.

To find out more about New Zealand as a destination, visit these helpful websites:

For what's on and happening, visit:

You can also subscribe to New Zealand News UK:

Other websites that might assist with any queries are:

Treaty of Waitangi

The Treaty of Waitangi is New Zealand's founding document and it has ongoing significance in the delivery of healthcare in New Zealand. For healthcare providers wanting to work in New Zealand, an awareness of the treaty and its cultural implications is advised. Treaty of Waitangi written by Claudia Orange is a recommended publication.


Housing prices vary around the country, however as a rule of thumb property prices tend to be cheaper in the South Island (both rental and purchase prices) while main centres like Auckland and Wellington are where you find housing at its most expensive. Rental properties are particularly difficult to find in Auckland at the moment, in part due to an increase in migration to New Zealand. The impact is being felt in the central city area in the middle to lower end of the market.

Whether you want to buy a home or rent, contact:


If you've ever fancied a classic 'Jag' or a late model convertible, look no further. Cars and fuel are cheaper in New Zealand than in the UK. Parallel importing has also seen an abundance of second-hand Japanese cars being sold in New Zealand at very good prices.

In the larger centres, weekly auctions and car fairs take place. They're advertised in the local papers under motor vehicles. While cars are often cheaper bought this way, the risk of mechanical problems is also higher therefore we recommend independent mechanical checks prior to purchase.

For more information, visit:

Health Insurance

New Zealand's public and private medical facilities provide a high standard of treatment and service but it is important to note that unless you have permanent residency, these services are not free except in the event of an accident. We strongly advise you to arrange your own health insurance. This includes taking out travel insurance to cover you for healthcare until such time as you have met the stand-down period for new healthcare policies in New Zealand (usually 3 months).

For more information, visit:


The edCentre portal is linked to 28 different government websites.  The parents' section has been designed to help parents understand the education system and help plan their children's future education and training.


When relocating to New Zealand, you will need the services of a reliable International Moving Company. One such specialist is Anglo Pacific International Plc who offer a free home survey of household goods for removal from anywhere in the UK to literally anywhere in New Zealand. Anglo Pacific is a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR) and participates in the International Movers Mutual Insurance (IMMI) "Advance Payment Guarantee Scheme" for its customers' financial protection.

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Check out some of our jobs below or register now with Medacs Healthcare's New Zealand team via our NZ website. 


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