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SEP 30/2015

MS patients 'should be offered drugs at earlier stage'

Patients diagnosed with relapsing-remitting (RR) multiple sclerosis (MS) should be offered particular treatment options at an earlier stage, according to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. A new report from the charity suggests that the current 'wai...

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SEP 29/2015

NHS helpline 'could be overwhelmed due to nurse shortage'

The NHS 111 helpline could soon become completely overwhelmed due to a lack of nurses and other medically trained staff. This is according to a whistleblower, who claims that the service is in 'crisis' with as many as three-quarters of calls ...

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SEP 28/2015

GPs 'must encourage others to join profession'

GPs must encourage new doctors to join the profession, according to the primary care minister.  Alistair Burt told GPOnline that they should even persuade members of their own family to become GPs in an effort to get more people into the profess...

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SEP 22/2015

Spending cuts 'could impact nurse education budgets'

Nurse education budgets could be at risk from the government's current spending review, according to health policy experts. When speaking to Nursing Times, the group warned that the Treasury is planning to redefine the current ringfence around he...

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SEP 21/2015

Health and wellbeing of vulnerable people 'at risk'

The health and wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable people in England is at risk from a "deepening crisis" in the care sector. This is according to a joint submission to the Treasury, signed by leaders of councils, the NHS, care provide...

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