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SEP 30/2012

How to apply for nurse jobs in Australia

There are plenty of positions available for newly qualified nurses in the UK - and not just within these fair shores. Demand is currently high for midwifes and nurses in Australia. In fact, both of these occupations currently feature on the country&#...

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SEP 26/2012

Getting the most out of nursing

Nursing is an incredibly rewarding career, most would agree, but it is also a lot of hard work. To get the most out of nursing jobs takes dedication because it can be emotionally and mentally draining, as well as physically. That is according to Unis...

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SEP 24/2012

RCM welcomes draft vision on future of midwife, nursing and care worker jobs

The NHS Commissioning Board's draft vision for nursing, care worker and midwife jobs in the UK has been welcomed by the industry. As a result of changing care needs, the special health authority has been looking at what core values unite these ca...

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SEP 20/2012

Are you thinking about a career in dental nursing?

If you're considering a career in dental nursing or wondering how to progress, you may welcome some guidance from Pam Swain, chief executive of the British Association of Dental Nurses (BADN). As with most jobs in the health care industry, traini...

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SEP 19/2012

Could painkillers be causing your patient's headaches?

If one of your patients is complaining of headaches and has been taking certain medicines regularly for some time, it may be worth considering whether their pain may be linked to their medication use. GPs and other healthcare professionals have been ...

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