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NOV 20/2012

Healthcare professionals to benefit from new prostate cancer resource

A new educational resource has been launched to provide healthcare professionals with information on prostate cancer. Designed to assist those in GP jobs, as well as disciplines such as oncology and urology, the Prostate Cancer Knowledge Centre - acc...

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NOV 19/2012

Pharmacists have role to play in encouraging men to take responsibility

The government has expressed its desire for Brits to take more responsibility for their own health, arguing that people have a role to play in ensuring they adopt healthy behaviours. Pharmacists can play an important part in encouraging this kind of ...

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NOV 16/2012

What qualities do you need as a pharmacist?

If you're a qualified pharmacist, you will hopefully already have a good idea of the skills and qualities that are required to do the job well. But it doesn't always feel this way when you're sitting in an interview and are required to te...

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NOV 15/2012

Dentists urged to include mouth cancer in CPD training

Dentists who are considering what area to cover on their next continuing professional development (CPD) training course may want to consider learning more about mouth cancer. The disease is the 15th most common form of cancer in the UK, according to ...

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NOV 14/2012

The NHS Mandate - what can patients expect from their GP?

The first ever mandate between the government and the NHS Commissioning Board has been published, setting out ambitions for the health service for the next two years and reaffirming the government's commitment to an NHS that is comprehensive, uni...

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