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APR 24/2013

Revalidation and good medical practice

Revalidation may be about improving patients' trust in the medical profession, but it also presents the perfect opportunity for doctors to reflect on their practices and self-evaluate their performance. The General Medical Council (GMC) has, in f...

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APR 22/2013

Would a year as a healthcare assistant improve nursing training?

Trainee nurses could spend 12 months working as a healthcare assistant before undertaking their three-year degree in their chosen profession under new governmental reforms. While this forms part of a larger effort to raise nursing standards, the ques...

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APR 19/2013

Technological changes set to shape the landscape for radiologists

Radiologists entering the profession will need to stay up-to-date on the latest technological advancements. The equipment they use is vital for accurate diagnosis and treatment, so understanding what's on the horizon could also help with professi...

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APR 18/2013

Nursing appraisals set to include colleague and manager feedback

Appraisal procedures for those in nursing jobs, set to be introduced as part of the Compassion in Practice national nursing strategy, is due to include feedback from colleagues, managers and patients. The anonymous 360-degree appraisals are scheduled...

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APR 17/2013

Can nurses reduce the spread of infections by opening ward windows?

Nurses may be able to help reduce the spread of airborne hospital infections by opening ward windows more regularly. The conditions of a balmy hospital can leave patients more vulnerable to infections, with research shedding light on how good ventila...

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