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MAY 29/2013

Australian government to inject £1m into MS research

Research into Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is set to get a cash injection of $1 million from the Australian government, according to a statement from the country's minister for health.  Tanya Plibersek explained that while "very promising&qu...

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MAY 23/2013

Overseas nurses called on to plug shortage at Devon hospital

Demand for people in nursing jobs remains strong with a Devon hospital looking to health professionals overseas to help plug a shortage in staff.  As the BBC reports, the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital (RD&E) has taken on 273 new nurses in ...

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MAY 22/2013

Hunt announces £260m pot for technology to boost patient safety

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced £260 million in funding for technology aimed at improving patient safety and digitising the NHS by 2018.  The move is set to ensure people in doctor and nursing jobs gain instant access to patient...

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MAY 21/2013

Child abuse linked to obesity, study finds

Social carers play a crucial role in protecting children from the dangers of abuse, and it seems maltreatment from a young age is linked to obesity in adulthood. While it is sometimes argued that allowing children to eat enough to become obese is a f...

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MAY 17/2013

Fast-track training launched to attract top talent to social work

A fast-track training scheme has been launched to attract the best candidates to a profession in social work, the government announced today (May 17th). With recruitment beginning from this September, the Front Line pilots are expected to take off fr...

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