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OCT 30/2013

Nursing bodies welcome call for NHS complaints handling overhaul

Fresh calls for improvements to the way that NHS facilities handle and respond to complaints have been welcomed by industry bodies representing nursing professionals across the UK. An independent report issued earlier this week has revealed that many...

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OCT 28/2013

BMA: Doctors must play core role in seven-day NHS care model

The British Medical Association (BMA) has called on the government to ensure that any efforts to implement a seven-day NHS care model are carried out in partnership with doctors and other medical professionals. A new BMA position paper has been publi...

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OCT 25/2013

Care homes 'should have GP record access'

Care workers are required to stay in close communication with other healthcare staff in order to ensure that residents are receiving the correct treatments. However, the health secretary has recommended that care homes should be able to access and up...

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OCT 24/2013

GPs 'over-prescribing antibiotics'

A new study from Cardiff University has claimed that many GPs are over-prescribing antibiotics to their patients. The Europe-wide research, which involved more than 3,400 people, showed that often doctors and clinicians wrongly assume that patients w...

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OCT 23/2013

Welsh whistle-blowing policy 'deterring complainants'

A new whistle-blowing policy being used by the Welsh NHS was introduced in July in order to support those who raise concerns about poor care. However, according to BBC Wales it is not having the desired effect and deters health staff from highlightin...

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