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OCT 10/2013

Nurses 'play pivotal role in encouraging patient self-care'

Nursing staff have a pivotal role to play in encouraging patients to take control of their own health. This could help safeguard the NHS for future generations, according to an expert group of nurses and GPs who expressed their views in the Self...

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OCT 09/2013

Guidelines released for facial protection best practice

New best practice guidelines have been drawn up by a Healthcare Infection Society (HIS) working group on the use of respiratory and facial protection equipment. The guidance has been published in the Journal of Hospital Infection and recommends that ...

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OCT 08/2013

NI demand for A&E locum workers rising

There is a continued demand for locum accident and emergency workers in Northern Ireland (NI), which is expected to rise over the winter months. This is according to Sean McGovern who is clinical director of emergency medicine at the Ulster Hospital ...

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OCT 07/2013

Hunt reveals 'proactive' GP reforms

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has advocated reforms to the way GPs work, which involves changing to a more proactive system. Speaking at the Royal College of General Practitioners annual conference in Harrogate, he argued that the scheme introduc...

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OCT 04/2013

Hospitalised HIV patients 'benefit from seeing ID physicians'

HIV patients who are hospitalised for other conditions, such as diabetes complications or heart problems are far more likely to receive the correct anti-retroviral therapy (ART) treatment needed if they are treated by physicians and medical prof...

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