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JUN 27/2014

New Priorities for Care unveiled for end-of-life patients

NHS nursing staff will soon be embracing a new approach to providing palliative care to end-of-life patients within hospitals. The new Priorities for Care system has been unveiled by the Department of Health this week as the new basis for looking aft...

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JUN 25/2014

New measures launched to improve NHS transparency and safety

The Department of Health has announced the launch of a package of measures aimed at holding NHS healthcare professionals to higher standards of safety and openness. To protect the NHS's status as one of the safest healthcare systems in the world,...

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JUN 23/2014

RCGP to launch inquiry into new ways of organising NHS care

The growing number of patients requiring the services of staff in NHS GP jobs will be examined in a new review of operational best practice launched by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). An independent inquiry is being set up by the o...

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JUN 17/2014

RCN calls for increased investment in district nursing

The creation of additional district nursing jobs across the UK should be considered an essential element of maintaining and improving the quality of NHS care, according to the Royal College of Nursing (RCN). In the view of the organisation, there has...

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JUN 13/2014

New guidance published to provide NHS patients with named doctors

Staff in NHS doctor jobs will be handed more responsibility for individual patients' care following the publication of new government-backed guidance. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has developed the guide in close collaboration with patie...

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