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FEB 27/2015

NHS England outlines new plans for efficient medical access

Plans allowing health specialists to supply and administer medicines more efficiently have been released by NHS England. The new proposals will apply throughout the UK, allowing four groups of registered allied health professions (AHPs), including ra...

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FEB 20/2015

NHS medicine price too high

The latest analysis has suggested that NHS England is paying too much for medicines, according to a new BBC report. The analysis from researchers at the University of York cites specialist cancer drugs as an area where there is especially poor value,...

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FEB 19/2015

New report outlines changes to medical training

The Shape Of Training review has been published by the UK Group, which includes four UK Health Departments, Health Education England (HEE), National Education Scotland (NES), CoPMED, GMC, Medical Schools Council and the Academy of Medical Royal Colle...

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FEB 17/2015

More GPs needed in England

According to the latest figures, an additional 8,000 GPs are needed across England before 2020. However, some areas are in greater need than other. The data, released by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), show that certain regions in ...

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FEB 13/2015

A&E times across England improve

NHS bosses have said there is cause for "cautious optimism" after waiting times for patients in accident and emergency departments seem to be improving, according to the latest figures. This is welcome news after there were troubling report...

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