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FEB 13/2015

MPs vote to ban smoking in cars in England

MPs have voted that it should be illegal to smoke in a car that is carrying children as passengers. The new law will come into place on October 1st and aims to protect young people from the damage of secondhand smoke inhalation. It was passed in the ...

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FEB 10/2015

SSNAP results show world-class stroke care is achievable

A new report from the Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme (SSNAP) has indicated that the UK is capable of delivering world-class stroke care to patients. According to the data, 13 stroke services recorded an ‘A’ overall for the quali...

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FEB 04/2015

New campaign highlights unpaid hours of nurses

Many nurses are hardworking professionals who often go beyond the call of duty to ensure patients get the standard of care they deserve, and that too much pressure isn't placed on their colleagues. Although this is what makes them such valuable e...

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