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JUL 31/2015

12-hour shifts for nurses 'could impact patient care'

Longer shifts for nurses could have a negative impact on patient care, according to a new review from the chief nursing officer (CNO) for England. Nursing Times reports that the research confirms that there has been a rise in the popularity of 1...

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JUL 30/2015

Five distinct types of prostate cancer 'found'

Five distinct types of prostate cancer, each with its own unique genetic pattern, have been discovered, according to new research. The study, undertaken by Cancer Research UK, measured samples from 250 patients against each individual's recovery ...

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JUL 29/2015

EMA 'gives green light to malaria vaccine'

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has given the world's first vaccine for malaria the green light, after assessing its safety and effectiveness. This means that the drug has cleared one of the final hurdles before receiving full approval to be ...

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JUL 27/2015

Pressure on GPs 'eased by paramedics and medical assistants'

Other medical professionals, such as paramedics, could ease the workloads of GPs, according to a new report. The independent Primary Care Workforce Commission's (PCWC's) study revealed that paramedics could become substitutes for family docto...

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JUL 24/2015

New plans to meet emergency care targets unveiled

In a bid to meet emergency care targets, NHS England has announced a myriad of schemes, including GP services in hospitals, mental health street triage services and mobile treatment centres. The health service consistently missed its target of dealin...

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