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JAN 29/2013

Most GP practices on the way to completing CQC registration

The vast majority of all GP practices in England have successfully completed Care Quality Commission (CQC) registration, with just two facing closure due to their applications being rejected.

In total, 7,589 pratices have applied since the window opened in September 2012, representing 95 per cent of the country's GP services. The CQC is the health watchdog that will now be responsible for regulating all health and adult social-care services in England, including NHS establishments, private practices and voluntary companies.

The aim of the CQC is to make sure that practices and professionals in doctor and dentist jobs are upholding essential standards of quality and safety. It already regulates hospitals, care homes and dentists, but from this year the CQC is also taking responsibility of GPs surgeries, which need to ensure they are registered by the start of April 2013.

So far, just two notices of proposed refusal have been issued by the CQC, and the practices in question will now have 28 days in which to appeal the commission's decision. To be qualified with the commission, healthcare providers must show that they are meeting the 16 essential standards of quality and safety set out by the CQC, or that there is no risk to patients while they work towards these goals.

So far, the registration process for GPs has been remarkably smooth, according to Adrian Hughes, head of registration at the CQC. He explained that those providers yet to make an application will currently be in the process of doing so and that the commission is working with them to provide the required support.

"We are delighted with how well GP registration is going," he said. "A great deal of work and consultation went into designing a registration process which is as user friendly as possible and it is good to see this has paid off.

"We are continuing to process applications and look forward to registering all providers who meet the criteria, in time for the deadline."


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