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AUG 28/2015

New documentary 'will show value of small GP practices'

A new documentary about a small GP practice will show how valuable these types of surgeries are, according to the star of the show.

Dr Louise Jordan and her colleagues feature in the two-part programme and she hopes it will promote small-scale practices, while demonstrating how integral they can be to communities.

GP Online reports that the documentary aims to show how Baslow Health Centre in Derbyshire bears the burden of staff shortages and how it impacts everyday life for the surgery, as well as the struggles attached to rural isolation and treating an ageing population.

The audience will see how GPs break bad news to patients and support people at the end of their lives, while juggling their own personal problems.

Dr Jordan told the website that she agreed to take part in the project as she wants the public to see how important small rural practices like Baslow are. She said: "We know our patients, from cradle to grave, and we can really individualise treatment. And if you get really big, federated practices trying to cover ludicrous hours of work, you'll lose that personalised relationship which is very reassuring for the patient and really cost effective.

"We manage risk all the time and if we know our patients we don't admit or refer half as often as you would if you didn't know someone. So, it's a plea to keep the model."

Narrated by actor Dominic West, the documentary was originally intended to look at the impact changes within the NHS can have on rural surgeries, but this changed over the course of filming.

Instead, the show focuses on the effect of increasing occurrence of cases involving the elderly, frail and complex medical issues, as well as how increased demand, staff shortages, retention problems, NHS cuts and increased bureaucracy are negatively influencing doctors' work.

Dr Jordan added that the documentary should also demonstrate how hard the surgery fights to keep its head above the water, while trying to come up with innovative ways to work in an integrated way and provide excellent care.

The show is called The Real Peak Practice and will air between September 10th and 11th on BBC 2.


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