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JAN 28/2015

New medical training hubs

New training hubs are being developed to help boost the training of medical professionals, as well as address the areas where there are the highest demand for skills. The initiative is the result of a number of medical experts coming together to rethink how training is conducted.

NHS England, Health Education England (HEE), the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and the British Medical Association (BMA) have all contributed to the project, which will see medical graduates benefit most.

As part of a £10 million investment plan, newly qualified doctors will be able to access additional financial support if they are willing to work as a trainee GP for three years. This will be primarily focused on the areas where there is the highest demand for care.

Medical graduates will be able to undergo a further year of training in a relevant clinical speciality, which can be anything from pediatrics to emergency medicine.

This new hub will be presented alongside a marketing campaign, which aims to diffuse the myth that working as a GP is less stimulating than other areas of medicine.

Dr Maureen Baker, the chairwoman of the RCGP, said it is common for reality programmes and dramas set in hospitals to be fast-paced and thrilling, but there are far fewer that surround a GP surgery. Even these few dramas will "mostly reinforce outdated stereotypes about handing out cough medicine and referring the more difficult cases to consultants".

She said that although the promotional video may be “unusual”, it is hoped that it will have a “tangible impact” on those looking for a career in medicine.

Another element of the scheme will focus on those professionals heading towards retirement and encouraging them to stay in their careers, while family doctors with young families will see their workload modified to help balance their career with home life.

There will also be the introduction of a ‘returner’ scheme to financially support the induction and ‘back to work’ training for GPs who return to the surgery after a break. The schemes will be trialled in areas of the country where there are the highest demand for specialists.


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