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FEB 27/2015

NHS England outlines new plans for efficient medical access

Plans allowing health specialists to supply and administer medicines more efficiently have been released by NHS England.

The new proposals will apply throughout the UK, allowing four groups of registered allied health professions (AHPs), including radiographers, paramedics and dieticians to supply and administer medicines. 

Many patients have AHPs as their lead clinician, but they are not able to receive the right prescriptions or provide and administer medicines that will allow patients to respond properly to treatment. 

As a result, these patients may need to make extra appointments with their GP or doctor in order to gain the medicines they require.

These proposals will allow new ways of working to utilise AHPs’ skills more effectively, which would provide a more effective and convenient service for patients while decreasing demand on other processes.

At the moment, the NHS is consulting on proposals that cover independent prescribing by radiographers, independent prescribing by paramedics, supplementary prescribing by dietitians and the use of exemptions in the Human Medicines Regulations.

These four consultations have been launched today by NHS England in conjunction with the Department of Health and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in a bid to improve efficiency in the NHS.

Suzanne Rastrick, chief allied health professions officer at NHS England, said: “Our proposals will allow patients to get the medicines they need without delay, instead of having to make separate appointments to see their doctor or GP.

“Breaking down barriers in how care is provided between different parts of the NHS is key to the vision set out in the NHS Five Year Forward View.”

Ms Rastrick added that the new prescription and supply mechanisms will help to create a more flexible workforce. This will allow them to provide innovative services that are more efficient for patients and reduce demand in other areas of the healthcare system.


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