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Support delivered 7 days a week across multiple specialties


Our Specialties

Our specialties include the following but our flexible approach to service planning allows us to cover further specialties if required.

A Different Service

Our approach is quite different to traditional insourcing providers. We offer more flexible and reliable workforce models, that provide more local control.

By integrating extra surgical activity with existing clinical services, we also do more to address your real waiting list challenges, delivering a truly responsive and supportive service. We work to a 6-4-2 rota planning principle.

This ensures optimal utilisation for both sides and mirrors NHS best practice. Our process flows are based on mapping ‘who, how, what and where’ each activity takes place with each step on the patient pathway recorded.

Our teams work closely onsite with local NHS teams to ensure rotas and volumes of staff are sufficient to complete planned activity levels, without compromising safety or the patient experience.

With our unrivalled banks of specialist surgical workers (clinicians, ODPs and nurses), unexpected last-minute staffing gaps are never an issue. Medacs has a proven track record of performing on ‘short-shift’ contracts with less than 48 hours’ notice.

Clinical Coding Service

We also offer a comprehensive Clinical Coding service, either as part of insourcing contracts (included FOC) or as a standalone service that can be procured by direct award under existing insourcing frameworks (SBS).

Our large teams of ACC-qualified coders currently code thousands of Finished Consultant Episodes every week, under the expert supervision of our National Coding Expert Kathrine Howarth.

NHS providers benefit from extra coding resource and a 98% accuracy rate, which means higher reimbursements, better recorded patient data and improved forecasting.

Our clinical coding services can be rapidly mobilised and are charged on a per-FCE basis, which ensures the NHS gets an efficient, value-for-money service.

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Trusted Allied Teams

We have the flexibility to support a variety of workforce models, but we favour the use of Allied insourcing teams.

Allied teams use your trusted local staff for insourcing sessions, supported by a regular team of our clinical professionals, to increase your capacity in a truly sustainable and effective way.

This results in a cohesive ‘known team’, with new staff quickly familiarised and everyone working efficiently to get the job done. Your clinical leads stay in complete control and working patterns are carefully managed to ensure local staffing capacity is never impacted.

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Integrated Services

We focus on supporting and planning for every aspect of elective care, ensuring that all related services have the capacity to support increased surgical activity.

Whether you need support with outpatient departments, pre-assessment clinics, teams of recovery nurses, specialist consultants or extra clinical staff for complex or urgent care, we can help.

Our services are ‘hands-on’. We embed our operational specialists within your service, providing all the expertise you need to support waiting list management, workforce, and clinical coding. 

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Beyond Routine

With trusted, skilled teams spanning all aspects of the clinical pathway, we can safely build more complexity into the scope of our services and lists.

We understand the true nature of current NHS backlogs and know that in addition to urgent and routine procedures, hospitals need help to clear more difficult cases, with clinical complexities (e.g. ASA3+) that require more safety checks and recovery time.

With careful planning, and with local clinical leads involved, we can safely incorporate selected complex cases into the routine mix.

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