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Effective Staffing Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

Medacs Healthcare is one of the largest and most experienced suppliers of temporary medical professionals in the UK. With the demand for staff occurring in peaks and troughs and staffing levels needing to reflect this to cover unplanned absences; Medacs Healthcare assists by providing a cost-effective, quality service to ensure departments can continue to function normally.

Permanent Recruitment

For longer-term vacancies, Medacs Healthcare specialises in supplying high calibre professionals on an interim or permanent basis. Offering a full end-to-end solution from the identification of suitable Candidates through to job offer and post-placement review, our Permanent Resourcing Business provides advice and research into recruitment options available and which is the best fit for an organisations needs.

Global Healthcare Staffing

With operations in the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, we have a strong foothold in global healthcare staffing markets.

The candidates we supply worldwide collectively deliver over five million hours of care a year. As the largest provider of managed service contracts to the NHS, we’ve changed the face of UK healthcare services with the introduction of new and improved recruitment models.

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