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We do not have a 'one size fits all' solution to meet your workforce challenges. We partner with our clients to make data driven recommendations that are specific to your Trust.

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Number-1.png  Discovery

The discovery phase is about taking the time to listen to you, learning as much as we can about your specific challenges. We undertake a deep dive into your systems, processes and data sources, which can be conducted onsite via our regional experts or done remotely with our central analyst team.

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Number-2.png  Audit

From the discovery phase we will produce an audit that gives you valuable insights into our findings, including summaries and full records of all the data we have analysed.

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Number-3.png  Recommendations

We present the findings of the audit and the various options available to you. Our recommendations will be fully costed with timescales, savings targets and key deliverables. Our managed services are underpinned with an aggressive savings plan; we can operate on a stretching gain share model to reflect a joint commitment to making savings for our partner organisations.

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Number-4.png  Delivery

Our delivery phase varies depending on the required solution, and whether you take on an on-site or off-site CRM team. Whatever the solution we’ll agree a tailored plan for each area focusing on ‘reduce or replace’ strategies whilst mitigating clinical risks associated with fill rates. This will allow each of the performance improvements to be owned at a department level.

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Number-5.png  Benefits Realisation

Once a solution is deployed and savings start to be delivered, the hard work doesn’t stop. Your account management team will constantly review reports, processes and procedures to make further recommendations on how to save money and improve patient experience.

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On-site Client Relationship Managers (CRMs), trained to our industry leading standards, work as part of our Managed Service team, taking responsibility for meeting your unique requirements. Their role is to embed themselves into your permanent workforce, working closely with all departments to deliver the cost saving projects upon which we all agree, whilst being the contact point for the general day-to-day running of the overall contract.

Our team of experts will review your staffing spend and recommend how you can achieve immediate savings. Click here to fill out our enquiry form.

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