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Medacs Healthcare have been supplying medical professionals for over a quarter of a century. Over time we have grown closer to our clients and understand that rather than focussing on supplying cover, we can best support you by listening to your needs and getting to the heart of what is generating the demand for temporary staff.

What differentiates Medacs Healthcare?

High fill rates - As the leading supplier of specialist staffing Medacs Healthcare has a global database of over 200,00 doctors. nurses and AHPs available to us to support our managed service partners.

Supply Chain - Medacs Healthcare has in excess of 100 framework suppliers on our supply chain, ensuring that we can deliver the right clinicians at the right price.

Gain Share - We are commiteed to delivering savings and offer a gain share model to demonstrate our commitment. We are not a technology solution, we work in partnership with you to deliver your savings targets.

How much will a managed service save?

We will agree an individual savings plan for you ranging between 10-25% of overall agency spend.

How do we access Medacs Healthcare's services?

Medacs Healthcare has been awarded a place on a number of frameworks for clinical staffing for temporary workers; permanent workers, managed staff bank, collaborative staff bank solutions, direct engagement and other services.

We will support you through the procurement process. A full lust of the specific frameworks under which we operate under can be found at

Our team of experts will review your staffing spend and recommend how you can achieve immediate savings. Click here to fill out our enquiry form.

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