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The NHS is facing unprecedented demand on its resources as a result of factors including severe staff shortages, an ageing population and an increase in the complexity of chronic health conditions. This has resulted in an increase in the cost of staffing departments and delivering clinical services. Many healthcare organisations are facing financial deficits, and in order to redress this imbalance, innovative strategies are required to ensure that financial and performance targets are met whilst maintaining and improving patient safety.

Our Workforce Consulting product range offers an invaluable method for evaluating the efficiency of a department, division, hospital or health economy through analysing costs, productivity and facilitating the use of performance metrics. We offer comprehensive healthcare workforce reviews including medical staffing, rota management and workforce processes where the aim is to maximise workforce productivity, improve efficiency of process, streamline working practices, reduce costs and crucially, maintain patient safety.

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Improve operational performance 

There exist peaks and troughs in the delivery of healthcare services, yet often the staffing levels remain static. This can affect the department’s ability to respond to a spike in demand, which can impact on performance. Through understanding the demand profile, taking into account seasonal variations, we can map activity to demand and ensure the right staff are in the right place at the right time. This contributes to improved patient flow, streamlined services and enhanced patient safety.

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Enhance patient safety

Quality and continuity of care are inextricably linked to an organisation’s workforce. By analysing your job plans, rota management and working arrangements, we design and implement sustainable working patterns that maximise the productivity of your workforce.

You can be assured that adherence to recommended and locally agreed staff to patient ratios are built into your staffing plans. Outcomes that can be realised include a reduction in unplanned leave, improved worklife balance and reduced staff attrition. All of which contribute to enhanced quality and continuity of care.

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Manage staffing costs

Your workforce review will deliver significant efficiencies on cost. Drawing data from multiple sources, our analytical experts will review this against industry standards and provide you with a detailed analysis and recommendations report. This will allow you to make informed decisions on maximising your limited staffing budget.

  • Align activity to demand,
  • Improve operational productivity,
  • Reduce your medical staffing spend,
  • Maintain patient safety.

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