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SEP 29/2015

RCNi Partnership to Support Agency Nurses With Revalidation


We are delighted to announce a new partnership between Medacs Healthcare and the RCNi.
The partnership allows Medacs Healthcare to provide agency nurses with the tools required to support revalidation – a process which comes into effect in April 2016 and builds upon the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) current registration renewal process. 
Trish Davison, Operations Director of Medacs Healthcare Nursing said, “We’re pleased to be working with the RCNi. All nurses and midwives will be required to undertake revalidation every 3 years to demonstrate that they practice safely and effectively. As part of the process, nurses need to build a body of evidence that includes reflective accounts, a log of practice hours and proof of CPD activities carried out in order to keep their skills current. To help make this task as smooth as possible for our agency nursing staff, we wanted to find a resource that was comprehensive in its offering, easy to use and above all would help to streamline the revalidation process. The RCNi Portfolio met all our criteria and we are looking forward to rolling out the solution to our nursing professionals.”

What is the RCNi Portfolio

RCNi Portfolio combines in a single site, the tools required to help nurses collect the evidence needed for revalidation along with integrated e-learning resources to support continuing professional development. These include CPD articles and quizzes to test knowledge. Users can also record their reflective accounts, hours of practice and hours spent on CPD activities to monitor progress towards their revalidation goals. 
The development of RCNi Portfolio was carried out in consultation with the NMC. The portfolio tool will be regularly updated in line with any changes to the NMC’s guidance on revalidation. A particular benefit of RCNi Portfolio is that users can export all their evidence and practice hours into one PDF report ready to upload to NMC’s website at the appropriate time.

When will it be launched

The RCNi Portfolio will be rolled out in three stages, starting with an internal pilot in October 2015, which will include a number of our existing agency nurses who will approaching their renewal of registration.  
Whilst Medacs Healthcare aims to offer the RCNi Portfolio to new agency nurses from November 2015 onwards, the primary focus is most definitely on supporting current working nurses, ensuring that they have the tools and guidance they need to complete the process.  

More information

Fore more information about revalidation, visit our Agency Nurses Revalidation Portal where you can find the latest news relating to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), events, blogs and guidance documents to help you through the process.
Click here to visit the Medacs Healthcare Agency Nurses Revalidation Portal.

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