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AUG 29/2019

Looking After Your Mental Health: Support for Locum Doctors

It has been reported by the BMA that there has been an increase in doctors experiencing mental health issues.

Doctors are facing growing demands. Add factors such as a faster pace of work and diminishing resources to the mix and this can lead to an increased risk of work-related stress, burnout and mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

Often the stigma associated with mental health problems and a perceived “failure to cope” means that many doctors are reluctant to disclose such problems for fear of sanctions and job loss.

Fortunately, there are various support networks and websites devoted to improving mental health. These services are open to doctors who feel they need confidential support with their mental health. Help is also available to those who witness any colleagues experiencing difficulties.

Organisations that offer support include the Doctors’ Support Network, the British Medical Association and the Society of Occupational Medicine. Help to raise awareness and improve the mental health of doctors.

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