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SEP 18/2019

Medacs Healthcare Unveils Pay Rates and Payment Guide for Agency Nurses

As an agency nurse, you should be able to carry out your duties without having to worry about your finances. That’s why we are delighted to unveil our Agency Nursing Pay Rates and Payment Guide, an in-depth look at finance options available to UK agency nurses.

Agency Nursing Pay Rates and Payment Guide.png

Designed to answer important questions relating to agency nursing finance, our comprehensive guide covers key topics across five informative chapters:

  • Pay Rates – learn about the differences in NHS pay rates across the UK, get an update on pay caps and what separates framework agencies from non-framework agencies
  • Tax and National Insurance – find out more about tax and National Insurance, including why you have to pay them, if they are ever avoidable and what allowances and reliefs are available to you
  • Umbrella Companies – learn more about umbrella companies, how they operate and why it’s best to steer clear of non-reputable firms
  • PAYE, Umbrella or Limited Company? – find out more about PAYE, umbrella and limited company payments and discover which payment method is right for you
  • Understanding Your Payslip - discover more about the important aspects of your payslip, including why student loan and pension payments are being deducted

If you are keen to figure out what’s going on with your finances, our complete Agency Nursing Pay Rates and Payment Guide is available to view now.

Other useful resources

The unveiling of our new guide is complemented by the following help pages:

  • Timesheet help page – explains the process of completing and submitting your Medacs Healthcare timesheet correctly so you always get paid on time
  • Payment FAQs page – frequently asked questions and answers all about our payment processes along with contact information to get you through to the right team

We hope you find the guide and help pages useful. It’s all part of our commitment to support our nurses to deliver outstanding care. If you’d like to share your feedback, please feel free to email

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