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Are you an agency nurse in need of assistance? Here at Medacs Healthcare, we aim to provide our agency nurses with the best possible service, and that includes answering your questions. Below you will find a wide range of questions regarding agency nursing. Simply click on a question to view the answer and resolve your query.

Do you have a question about finance? Find your answer in our Agency Nursing Payment FAQs.

My question is regarding:

Registration and compliance

How long will it take to become fully registered and start work?

On average, the registration process can take four weeks. However, we will do everything possible to work around your timescales, meaning your registration may be completed in a shorter period.

Once the registration process is complete, your recruitment consultant can begin offering you work.

What documentation do you need from me?

To complete your registration as an agency nurse, we require the following documents:

  • Proof of Identification e.g. Passport or EU ID Card
  • UK Visa (For Non-EU Members)
  • A minimum of two clinical references (covering the previous three years)
  • Immunisation Records Status & Proof of Immunity for:
  • Hepatitis B (& Titre Level)
  • Measles (or MMR) Immunity
  • Rubella
  • Varicella
  • Tuberculosis
  • Hepatitis B SAG (EPP Only)
  • Hepatitis C (EPP Only)
  • HIV Test (EPP Only)
  • Health Certificate of Fitness
  • Two Signed Colour Passport Photos
  • Two proofs of address
  • DBS & Police Check (Fully enhanced covering both adult and child workforce)
  • Certificates of Qualifications i.e. Basic Qualifications and Higher Qualifications
  • Basic Life Support Certificate & Manual Handling (practical) (yearly updates)
  • CV
  • Mandatory Training Certificates which include the following*:
  • Caldicott Protocols/Information Governance
  • Complaints Handling
  • Food Hygiene
  • Infection prevention and control, including MRSA and Clostridium Difficile Level 2
  • Lone Worker
  • Manual Handling/Moving and Handling Level 2
  • Mental Captivity Act (for those working in mental health)
  • MAPA (mental health nurses only)/MVA
  • Counter Fraud
  • Fire Safety
  • Conflict Resolution or Handling of Violence and Aggression
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Health, Safety and Welfare
  • Preventing Radicalisation Level 3
  • Safeguarding Adults Level 3
  • Safeguarding Children Level 3

*Medacs Healthcare provides online training where applicable. 

My training certificates are out of date; can I still register?

Yes. Once your application has been accepted, we will book you on to one of our mandatory training courses. These courses are free of charge.

I have been registered with Medacs Healthcare in the past; do I need to send my original documents again?

If you have previously worked with Medacs Healthcare, we do not need to see all of your original documentation again, only those that have expired.

My DBS is less than 12 months old; do I need another?

No, not if your certificate is registered with the update service. If you are not on the update service, our specialist team are happy to support with additional information.

If required, the cost of a DBS is £40.

Can I use an online bank statement for my DBS application?

No, online bank statements cannot be used to support your DBS application.

Can I use my photo card driver's license as an identification document to complete my registration?

A photo card driver’s license can only be used as part of your DBS application if it holds your current address. If it does not hold your current address, the document cannot be used.

All banking statements and utility bills are in my partner's name; other than my passport, I have nothing to send. What should I do?

There are many other addressed documents that we can accept. These include:

  • Photo driving license
  • Store card statements
  • Council tax statement

If you are still unable to provide a proof of address, please contact us to discuss your options.

I cannot find my original DBS Disclosure; can you supply me with another copy?

You can obtain a copy of your DBS Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service within 28 days of the issue date. However, after this time a copy will no longer be available.

Due to DBS guidelines, Medacs Healthcare is unable to provide you with a copy.

Occupational health

Do I need to have an HIV test?

NHS Framework requires all agency workers working in Exposure Prone Procedures (EPP) to provide an HIV test result.

My Occupational Health Department/GP is unwilling to carry out my tests; how can I arrange for these tests to be carried out?

Please contact your placement/registration officer for information of organisations able to facilitate these tests.

Is my colleague able to verify my TB scar and complete my TB Scar Check Form?

In accordance with NHS Framework requirements, only designated signatories are authorised to verify your scar.

I work full-time in the NHS; why am I being asked for immunisation against measles when I don't need it to work within the NHS?

Guidelines are slightly different for agency nurses and nurses who work in the NHS on a full-time basis. Due to the nature of locum work (i.e. working at numerous trusts), agency nurses run a higher risk of infection and, therefore, must be immunised.

Working as an agency nurse

I have never worked as an agency nurse before; how does it work?

The process starts with you registering your interest as an agency worker. This involves completing a pre-screen registration form or applying for an advertised role. You can apply online, via email or by calling our experienced team.

Once we receive your application, we will check we have jobs that meet your needs, skills, experience, availability and rate requirements. If we do, you will be invited to complete the full registration pack and supply us with documents to prove such things as your identity, professional body (if applicable) and relevant qualifications.

You will also receive a face-to-face interview with one of our team and a clinical discussion around your skill base, before undergoing compliance checks and completing any mandatory training you require.

Once you have completed the registration process and any mandatory training, you will be allocated a dedicated recruitment consultant who will be responsible for finding you the types of roles you have specified.

Having one main point of contact within a recruitment agency allows you to build up a working relationship. This means your recruitment consultant will become familiar with your work preferences, pay methods, when you like to be contacted and how far you are willing to travel for work. 

Is there a charge to register with Medacs Healthcare?

No, registering with Medacs Healthcare is completely free.

What kind of work can I expect as a temporary worker?

The type of work we can offer you depends on your previous experience. You will need some understanding and experience of working with the client groups with which we place you. However, we may be able to offer you work that extends your knowledge and specialisms.

I'm already registered with another nursing agency; can I still work for Medacs Healthcare?

Yes. Even if you have limited availability, we can help you find work to fit around your other commitments.

How many hours a week will I work?

One of the advantages of working as an agency nurse is that you can take control of your career, and that includes deciding how many hours you work.

On average, a full-time position will require you to work a minimum of 37.5 hours per week. However, if you prefer working ad hoc days, evenings and/or weekends, we have a variety of shifts to suit you too.  

I'm interested in a job; what should I do?

When you find a position that interests you, contact your recruitment consultant. They will be able to discuss the role with you in more detail, including providing a general overview of the job, the grade and specialty, pay, travel, accommodation, expenses and breaks.  

Can I put myself forward for more than one job on the same date?

Yes. However, we politely request that you commit to the first job that comes back as the client will have spent time reviewing each candidate for the role.

Please note, you can withdraw your interest at any time before a booking is made.

I need to cancel a booking; what should I do?

While we do ask for your full commitment with each booking, we understand that certain circumstances are out of your control. If you need to cancel a booking, we request that you contact your placement officer as soon as possible and explain your reasons for cancelling.

What happens if the trust/employer cancels my booking?

Should a client cancel your booking, we will call you and explain the reason for the cancellation. We will then help you find alternate work if required.

Medacs Healthcare has a policy of not supplying nurses to hospitals that regularly cancel bookings and each cancellation incident is thoroughly investigated.

My online account

I cannot access my Medacs Healthcare account; what should I do?

If you are unable to access your Medacs Healthcare account, please call or email your recruitment consultant.

I cannot remember my username/password; what should I do?

If you cannot remember your Medacs Healthcare username/password, please call or email your recruitment consultant.


How do I refer a nurse?

If you know a registered nurse who would like to join Medacs Healthcare, simply click here and complete the short form. Should the nurse you referred complete a minimum of 100 hours work with us, you will receive a £350 bonus (terms and conditions apply).

Is there a limit to the number of nurses I can refer?

No, you can refer as many nurses as you like.

I referred a nurse but I'm yet to receive my referral bonus; what should I do?

If you have referred a nurse but are yet to receive your referral bonus, please contact your recruitment consultant at Medacs Healthcare.

Please note, each nurse referred must work a minimum of 100 hours with Medacs Healthcare.

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