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UK Agency Nursing Testimonials

Are you interested in becoming an agency nurse and a valued member of the Medacs Healthcare family? As one of the UK's leading nursing agencies, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to our nurses. Find out what our agency nurses have had to say about the service we deliver and how we've supported them to deliver outstanding care.

Fazal (Advanced Nurse Practitioner)

Fazal Testimonial

"I’m very pleased with Medacs Healthcare compared to the other agencies. Where I go [to do agency shifts], there are a lot of Medacs Healthcare nurses and I think we always outnumber other agency nurses. I think it’s a great agency. 

My professional relationship with Medacs Healthcare and [my placement officer] Sharon is so strong but it's definately a team effort. The payroll, occupational health and training departments all work hard. For example, the compliance team will send me emails reminding me that me training is expiring in two months’ time. If I am not up to date with my training and my occupational health requirements, I couldn’t do the shifts. So Medacs is a company that is keeping it all together, which is a good thing.

One more thing, if you send your timesheet today, you will get paid by tomorrow, or maybe the day after tomorrow. I think agency nurses [who are registered with more than one agency] have a feeling of insecurity, that they will be short of shifts. But in my experience, if you stick with one, and if it is Medacs Healthcare, you don’t need to worry."

Jackie (Mental Health Nurse)

"I have had a wonderful 18 months working for Medacs Healthcare.

[My recruitment consultant] Lisa has been a star! If I ever needed any help or advice, I knew she would be there. She's been more like a friend. So many thanks.

The whole team have been brilliant and nothing was too much trouble. If anyone is considering applying I would say you can't beat working for Medacs Healthcare. They care, they find the best posts in the area you want to work in, and the money is good too."

Bilquees (Mental Health Nurse)

“I have found working with Medacs Healthcare to be brilliant. They have been professional, organised, efficient and supportive on every level.

I can confidently compare Medacs Healthcare to other mental health agencies that I have been with and say, with my hand on my heart, that they are significantly better.

[My recruitment consultant] Rebecca has been unbelievably great, going above and beyond her duties. A massive thank you to you."  

Andrew (Critical Care Nurse)

“Thank you to Lisa and her team for their courteous, supportive and professional service.

Having been a member of several other nursing agencies over the years, I am delighted to say that Medacs Healthcare actually delivers on its promises to communicate, attend to outstanding issues, and ultimately facilitate a constant stream of clinical work within my specialty.

The team's combined efforts make for a trustworthy partnership and also a pleasant change from the 'norm' when it comes to nursing agencies.”

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