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Completing your agency nursing timesheet correctly the first time around will reduce any delays with payment. Check out our video guide on how to complete and submit your timesheet correctly.

Scroll a bit further for a complete set of written guidelines and additional information about completing and submitting your timesheet.

How many timesheets should I use?

If you are working on a variety of wards in the same hospital, ensure you complete one timesheet per ward. 

If you are working an early and a late shift the same day on different wards these must be claimed on two separate timesheets. However, if you are working an early and a late shift the same day and on the same ward, these must be claimed and approved on two separate lines of the same timesheet, clearly stating the same date for each shift

If you complete multiple shifts in the same place and claim all on one timesheet, the signature at the bottom must be provided by the person who signed off your last shift and dated accordingly on the last day worked. What information is required on my timesheet?

Where do I get timesheets?

Your consultant can email you timesheets for you to print out as and when needed. You can also download timesheets below.

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How do I complete my timesheet?

To ensure you receive prompt and accurate payment, please follow these key steps when filling out your timesheet:

Step 1 - Clearly write your full name as it appears on your passport; do not use shortened names or nicknames.

Step 2 - Clearly write the full name of the hospital and ward or department.

Step 3 - Enter the date of your shift and the 'start' and 'finish' times in the 24-hour clock format (e.g. 7.30pm should appear as 19:30). Amendments made to your timesheet after you have stated your start time, end time or break durations must be countersigned by the approving member of staff.

Step 4 - Always fill in if you're taken any breaks. If no break was taken, please ask the client to initial this box. 

Step 5 - Write the total hours you've worked in the shift.

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Step 6 - The client must print and sign their name, and confirm their position against each shift; this client approver should be a more senior nurse on duty

Step 7 - At least once a month, ask the client to evaluate your shift.

Step 8 - The bottom signature on the left-hand side of the timesheet must be signed and dated after the final shift has been completed. You cannot be paid unless this is done. If you have worked a nightshift, this should be dated to coincide with the date the end of your shift.

Step 9 - Remember to sign and date the timesheet yourself.

Timesheets for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Please note that timesheets must be signed by either a Nurse in Charge or Ward Manager. If neither is available, it can be signed by any other senior nurse on the ward, as long as it is counter-signed by a Matron or Bleep holder. 

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How do I submit my timesheets?

Submitting your timesheet is a quick and simple process. Follow the steps below to submit your timesheet via mobile or tablet device.

Step 1 - Download an app

In order to scan your timesheet, you will need to download an app to your smartphone or tablet. We recommend using Adobe Scan, but the app you choose is entirely up to you. 

Step 2 - Taking a picture of your timesheet

Ensure you position your timesheet on a flat surface in a well-lit area. Remove any folds or creases in the timesheet. Take the picture from directly above, capturing as little background as possible whilst not creating shadows over the image, as this will make the document clearer and the scan of higher quality.

Once you have taken the picture it will appear on your screen. Please ensure it is visibly a black and white document as this will vastly reduce the likelihood of the timesheet being rejected due to poor image quality.

Step 3 - Cropping your image

Please make sure that the scan only has the timesheet in it. Crop as closely to the timesheet as possible. We can only accept black and white scanned images in PDF format. Photos and JPEG images cannot be accepted.

Step 4 - Submitting your timesheet

Perform a final check of your scanned or app-captured image/s of your timesheets to ensure these are clear and visible; submitting timesheets that are of poor image quality is one of the top reasons for delayed payments. Once you are satisfied that your timesheet looks clear, email it to the Finance Candidate Care Team.

Find out more

If you have any questions, please contact your consultant on 01785 256 434. Alternatively, visit our Payment FAQs page.


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