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New Zealand Nursing and Midwifery Jobs

Medacs Healthcare is a leading international recruitment agency for nursing jobs in New Zealand. We have a wide range of roles for nurses and midwives, right across the North and South Islands.
Every year hundreds of nurses migrate to New Zealand to experience the unique lifestyle and outstanding natural beauty. New Zealand offers a relatively low cost of living and the healthcare system is advanced, with private and public hospitals offering an excellent standard of care and leading the field in progressive technologies such as telemedicine. 
Requirements and eligibility
A wide range of roles are available for nurses and midwives in locations right across New Zealand. 
To be eligible to work in New Zealand, nurses and midwives must have a registered qualification from a country with a Competent Health System where English is the main language (e.g. United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, USA, Singapore, Australia), plus two to three years of experience.  
Our Approach 
In New Zealand, we look for a job that suits you and the lifestyle you are looking for, whether that is in the city or in rural areas with a close-knit community feel. We can support you with:
Processing of local registration and visa applications
Interview techniques/advice and salary negotiation
Local information relevant to working and living in your chosen area
Expert advice and assistance throughout your entire transition.
This service is free to all nurses and midwives. 
We pride ourselves upon the uniquely personal and friendly service we provide. Our team of skilled and experienced consultants will not only find you the right role, but stay with you every step of the way, lending you all the support you need to make the right move overseas. 
To find out more about current vacancies, eligibility and exactly what's involved, please fill in the below form 

Additional Information

  • Lifestyle and career options
  • Basic requirements
  • Why use a recruitment agency?

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