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Medacs Healthcare is a market leader in the recruitment of permanent and temporary health professionals in New Zealand.

We have achieved our position by offering our clients a continually evolving service that really satisfies their ever changing needs. We know that no two clients have exactly the same needs, and it is only through working together in partnership that the most effective solutions can be delivered. By adopting this philosophy throughout our entire organization, we strongly believe we deliver a service unmatched by any other healthcare staffing company.

Our service

We provide 24 hour/365 days a year service. All Medacs Healthcare consultants are health professionals and recruitment specialists, so contact us now to find out how we can help you find the staff you need.


It is our fundamental philosophy that we should aim to provide a high quality service to our clients, candidates and patients alike. Our accreditation to the ISO quality standard and membership of the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association demonstrates our commitment to providing a premium service. 


As one of the the largest providers of healthcare professionals, Medacs Healthcare has been able to develop processes and practices to support this capacity. With a database of over 60,000 candidates we can consistently supply to all regions throughout the UK, Australia, New Zealand and overseas, providing a supply chain second to none.


Medacs Healthcare is a people-centred company and we rely upon high calibre, highly motivated and experienced staff to provide outstanding results. 


We are committed to investment in our IT systems. This guarantees we remain at the forefront of technology and deliver an increasingly efficient yet simple service. 


In order to deliver the most cost effective service, Medacs Healthcare draws upon all parts of its business to deliver tailor-made, seamless solutions that satisfy clients' needs.


Permanent recruitment

As one of the leading healthcare staffing companies in the world, Medacs Healthcare provides a single source of skills and expertise to help you realise greater value and efficiencies through your healthcare recruitment processes. Our aim is to deliver a service that works in partnership with our clients. We recognise that only by understanding our clients needs can we deliver a truly effective solution. By drawing on all the individual divisions within Medacs Healthcare, we can offer a true end-to-end approach, from advising you on your recruitment strategy and implementing appropriate recruitment campaigns, through to managing elements of your recruitment process on your behalf.

How we work
We aim to work alongside you, acting as a partner to your HR department - supplementing them, where necessary, with specialist skills, resources and experience. Each client is appointed a dedicated account team accessed through a single point of contact. This team is responsible for ensuring individual requirements are correctly established and operational procedures are strictly adhered to. We have regular review meetings and provide management information to ensure our performance is effectively monitored. Once objectives have been established, the account team works with the relevant specialist divisions in doctors (acute, mental health, GPs), nursing (general and specialist nursing) and healthcare professionals, to identify potential matches. Through these dedicated divisions, we can maximize the benefit of our specialist knowledge for the benefit of clients. Whether you want a range of qualified, motivated candidates to choose from, a carefully selected final shortlist, or even one recommended candidate, we are confident we can meet your needs quickly and cost effectively.

Temporary recruitment

Medacs Healthcare is a leading provider of temporary healthcare professionals to both the public and private sectors in New Zealand.

Our nursing team supplies temporary nurses of all grades and specialties (including anaesthetic technicians, healthcare assistants and clinical assistants) to rest homes and hospitals.

Our doctors division supplies locum doctors and general practitioners with public sector specialisms in acute and psychiatry.

Our allied health professionals team supplies locum dentists, dental hygienists, dental technicians, dental assistants, pharmacists, physiotherapists and medical receptionists.

Our values are centred upon delivering the highest possible standard of patient care and we know that the key to providing truly effective solutions is to develop a thorough understanding of both our clients’ and candidates' needs..

How we work
Unlike many recruitment agencies, we aim to work with individual client and candidate teams so they can maximize the benefit of their knowledge and expertise. This enables us to work with the optimum level of efficiency, providing both clients and candidates the support they require, while being able to drive down overall response times.

Each client is provided with a dedicated service through an experienced team consisting of account managers, team manager and highly trained consultants.

This team is responsible for ensuring that individual requirements are correctly established and operational procedures strictly adhered to. We also undertake regular review meetings and provide comprehensive management information to ensure our performance is effectively monitored. We deliver a 24 hour, 365 days per year service.  

Candidate Supply
We have achieved our reputation and status as a result of delivering exceptional customer service. For this reason we naturally attract high quality candidates who become very loyal to us. In fact many of the candidates registered with Medacs Healthcare did so after being recommended to us by a fellow candidate. We also undertake a comprehensive, flexible candidate attraction programme to ensure we are able to supply not only the right calibre of health professional, but also the grades and specialties that are in demand.  

Quality Procedures
It is essential our clients have full confidence in the quality and integrity of both temporary and permanent staff. Our registration process involves a rigorous scrutiny of each candidate, ensuring only the most qualified and competent healthcare professionals are registered. Our dedicated quality management team works closely with relevant external organisations to ensure compliance with local legislation.

We also operate a structured complaints procedure should any client identify an incident requiring investigation. To maintain high levels of candidate compliance and continued professional development, we provide all our candidates and internal employees with comprehensive training packages, delivered through our internal training team and a variety of training partners.

Management Information
In order to assist in planning, forecasting and budget management, Medacs Healthcare has established comprehensive management information reporting. Through our management system and database, we have the capability to deliver real time client specific reports detailing temporary/locum usage, spend and fill rate reports. Individual reports can also be provided upon request.

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