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Offshore medicals (OGUK)

Our occupational health specialists can provide all the medical assessments needed to ensure your offshore employees are fit to work in specialist environments.

In addition to standard offshore medicals, performed at our clinics or on-site, specialist medical assessments available include:

  • Fit to train in water
  • Asbestos medicals
  • Working with food
  • Confined spaces or working at height medicals
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Bi-Deltoid shoulder measurement
  • ERT (emergency response training)
  • Wind turbine medicals
  • Radiation
  • Lead medicals
  • Noise and Respiratory Health Surveillance
  • Work-related vaccinations (designated yellow fever centre)

Tele-Occupational Health & Remote Medical Testing

In line with current OGUK guidance, we can now provide occupational health services for offshore industries remotely, conducting interviews via telephone or video calls and using diagnostic devices to perform medical tests.

Through our sister company, ignosys, we can supply portable diagnostic kits which allow non-medically trained users to conduct a range of medical tests. Guidance on using the devices, consultations and assessments are provided by Occupational Health specialists, advising remotely via a built-in teleconsultation tablet.

Supplied in a reinforced telemedicine case, the kits are optimised for use in remote environments with limited bandwidth or satellite connectivity. Cloud-based software also enables the creation of a centralised database, where secure medical records and occupational health assessment data for all employees can be quickly and easily accessed. 

For more information, download our Occupational Health and eHealth Solutions guide.

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