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Whether you want to establish a staff bank, reinvigorate your existing staff bank, or implement a regional collaborative bank, Medacs Healthcare has a unique range of bespoke workforce solutions to suit your needs. We will partner with you to understand your existing staffing challenges and find the right solution to reduce costs, optimise resources and ultimately allow you to deliver patient care in the best possible way.

Key benefits

  • Increase the size of your bank - attract, engage and retain more bank workers
  • Optimise your workforce - streamline your resources with intelligent matching
  • Boost fill rates beyond 95% - with substantial 24/7 staffing support
  • Improve continuity of care - enrol more substantive staff onto your bank
  • Significantly reduce agency spend - by rebalancing bank and agency
  • Track savings and forecast - with comprehensive management reports
  • Develop improved efficiencies - with fresh staffing policies and automated processes

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Why Medacs Healthcare?

Over the years, we have developed a thorough understanding of the complex staffing challenges facing the NHS. Our on-site teams work in close partnership with numerous trusts and health boards across England, Scotland and Wales to ensure a quality supply of clinical staff and maximise workforce efficiencies. This expertise is integral to our ability to streamline processes and leverage our dedicated Staff Bank technology, including mobile app solution, to build bigger and better banks, delivering the highest possible fill rates.

Our Staff Bank workforce solutions combine our expert people and robust processes with industry-leading technology.

The cornerstone of our service lies in our recruitment expertise. Our Staff Bank experts have a proven ability to attract, engage and retain workers; delivering exceptional fill rates and cost savings. 

A proven track record

Over 30 years we have grown alongside the NHS to understand that our people and processes are key to delivering effective technology solutions. This blended solution has enabled our clients to achieve fill rates above 95% and keep charge rates lower than the national average.

As one of four partners participating in the DoHSC Flexible Bank Pilot Scheme, Medacs Healthcare implemented a new Staff Bank for Lancashire Teaching Hospitals. Below are the results delivered within the first 12 months. 

  • 840 doctors registered to the bank
  • 97% average fill rate
  • Over 2 million in net savings for the trust
  • 138% of target workforce savings
  • Reduction in agency usage to 14% of overall fill

Don't just take our word for it...

“Medacs Healthcare has been proactive, responsive and really supportive in terms of setting up the whole service... we’ve just got a really good, open, honest relationship”. 

Karen Swindley - Workforce and Education Director, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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