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Our successful staff banks are delivered by combining innovative technology with our highly experienced people and proven processes.

Our approach is to support our clients to explore and develop a bespoke solution, driven at addressing each area of need and developing a target benchmark to understand “what ‘good’ looks like”.

We promote the use of either an on or off site based team during the pilot stage to guide users and map culture, capability and behaviours for bank management best practice. 


We will support you to:

  • Produce an implementation plan,
  • Define the scope and milestones of the project,
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures including authorisation protocols,
  • Adhere to NHS Employers standards,
  • Integrate existing systems and facilitate auto-enrolment to the bank,
  • Promote the Trust brand and expand banks with candidate attraction campaigns,
  • Explore collaborative bank options to improve fill rates and broaden staff experience, 
  • Improve continuity and utilisation of staff through intelligent matching,
  • Produce analysis throughout the pilot to inform continuous improvement plans and benchmark your workforce,
  • Track spend and forecast more accurately with comprehensive MI.


To discuss how Medacs Healthcare can support you on this next step in the evolution of the bank solution and tailor a specific "client's needs analysis" to your trust please fill in the form.

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