Medacs Healthcare

Staff Bank Services

Medacs Healthcare's managed staff bank service will help you manage your flexible workforce more cost effectively, while maintaining a high level standard of care. 

We can give you:

Improved control

We start by making sure we have a thorough understanding of your needs and existing business processes. From here we can make solid recommendations for improvement.

Where necessary we'll introduce software solutions which will help you to control your temporary staffing spend by limiting the approval of expenditure to designated users.

So you can be sure any commitments have been through the right approval process.

Better management information

Our management information system will give you complete transparency on key data, improving management control and workforce planning.

Our technology can provide real-time information in a variety of formats tailored to your needs and we can integrate information from other workforce and budget systems as required. Formal management information packs, including analysis, can be regularly produced depending upon your needs.

In addition to the management and budget information you would expect, we also include information relating to governance, quality and safety.

Visibility of your spend

If you want to control your costs you need to be clear where you are spending your money. Our technology gives you a clear view of spend whilst our transparent approach to billing means you can be sure you'll know how every penny has been used.

Increased bank capacity and fill rates

We will work with you to increase the capacity of your current bank and so reduce your agency spend. We'll do this through internal and external recruitment performed to recognised national and local best practice standards.

In addition, we'll use our experience in workforce management to maximise bank fill rates and improve the quality of your bank.

Agency supply chain management

We'll help you realise immediate cost savings through smart management and the standardisation of charge rates, timesheet and invoice processing.

Payroll management

We can offer a range of payroll options for your temporary workforce. We do not believe in one solution fits all, so we will make recommendations which meet your specific needs now and in the future.

Improved back office efficiencies and reduced costs

Our approach gives you a powerful combination of an account management team, focused on your unique needs, and adaptable technology. You'll rapidly notice savings in areas such as

  • accounts payable
  • payroll
  • human resources
  • line management time

Together we will review your processes using LEAN methodology, quickly identifying ways to save you time and money, and eliminate unnecessary duplication.

Governance and risk management

Although organisations are under pressure to reduce costs, we understand quality and patient outcomes remain paramount. So we underpin our approach to with a focus on governance, quality and risk management, helping you to achieve the NHSLA standards.

Our management information includes regular governance updates and details such as the outcomes of incidents.

Medacs Healthcare has a well resourced governance and quality team. Independent of our operations and reporting directly to our management board the team ensures issues and risks are managed transparently.

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