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With severe staff shortages, an ageing population and an increase in the complexity of chronic health conditions, the NHS is facing unprecedented demand on its resources. This has increased the cost of staffing departments and delivering clinical services. 
Our suite of workforce solutions offers innovative ways to ensure that financial and performance targets are met, whilst maintaining and improving patient safety. 

Our Solutions

staff-bank.png  Staff Bank

Medacs Healthcare can offer a fully managed staff bank solution or work in partnership with you to develop your existing staff banks. In providing a fully managed staff bank service we would target improving your fill rates by reducing agency usage, increasing the supply and quality of bank staff, and improving best practice governance and local engagement. Click here for more

guaranteeed-fill-rates.png  Managed Services

Every year we support our healthcare clients to significantly reduce staffing costs and drive efficiencies while safeguarding the delivery of patient care. Our services are proven to streamline the provision of temporary staffing cover, minimising costs while uplifting and maintaining high fill rates, typically above 95%. Click here for more

ACP circle.png Additional Capacity Projects

We offer project-based support to enable our NHS clients to safely and cost-effectively flex staffing levels to meet anticipated surges or peaks in demand. This service ensures a guaranteed supply of staff to ease temporary or seasonal-based staffing challenges, such as winter pressures, avoiding the high costs associated with last-minute bookings.  Click here for more

recruitment-process-outsourcing.png  Recruitment Process Optimisation (RPO)

RPO can help your organisation recruit the talent you need quickly and cost-effectively, whilst ensuring a positive candidate experience. Medacs Healthcare provides a full end-to-end solution to manage and deliver your permanent, contract and fixed-term recruitment. By reducing the time to hire and vacancy rates we can support you in delivering efficiency and safety improvements. Click here for more

direct-engagement.png  Direct Engagement

Our Direct Engagement model has been independently reviewed to ensure it adheres to all current employment, tax and pension legislation. Direct Engagement can be procured via a range of frameworks and used on a standalone basis or combined with other workforce solutions. Click here for more

demand-management.png  Workforce Consultancy  

Workforce Consultancy offers a way to evaluate your recruitment and staffing operations. Our specialist team undertake a comprehensive workforce review and provide detailed analytics with practical recommendations, identifying opportunities for cost reductions, process efficiencies and productivity improvements.  Click here for more

Medacs Healthcare is an approved supplier of all the above workforce solutions under several different frameworks. However you choose to contract with us, we can support you throughout the procurement process. 

To find out more, please fill out the form below or call our Workforce Solutions team direct on 0845 3052864.

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