Moving to the Middle East: A guide to living and working for Doctors, Nurses and AHPs

Are you looking to live and work abroad? Are you eager to swap your current job for an exciting new role in a picturesque location? Are you keen to experience different cultures and fascinating new ways of living?

If you answered yes to all three questions, living and working in the Middle East is definitely for you. So, with three stunning countries to choose from, maybe now is the right time to start a fresh chapter in your life by relocating to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia or Qatar?

Reasons to move to the Middle East

Located in western Asia, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are right at the heart of the region known as the Middle East. Each country offers a high standard of living with superb urban and rural scenery, not to mention glorious weather throughout the year.

There are a whole host of exciting job prospects in the medical sector, making these countries ideal destinations for any healthcare professional looking to progress their career.

With so many positives to choose from, it may prove challenging selecting a destination. So, if you’re looking to live and work in the Middle East, which country would suit you the best?

Living and Working in the UAE

Located on the Arabian Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates sits to the south-east of the Persian Gulf and the north-west of the Gulf of Oman.

The UAE offers a high standard of living and excellent healthcare facilities, perfect for if you’re looking for new and exciting employment opportunities in the Middle East. The country’s cities are packed with sci-fi-esque buildings that decorate the skyline, while residents are able to enjoy year-round sunshine.

One of the jewels in the UAE’s crown is Dubai. The city is one of the Middle East’s most popular locations for healthcare professionals looking to live and work abroad. The world-famous emirate is home to scintillating cityscapes and amazing attractions, not to mention the tallest building on earth, the breath-taking Burj Khalifa.

Abu Dhabi and Al Ain are also popular destinations for those dreaming of living and working abroad. There are even employment opportunities outside of the major cities in more remote areas.

Living and Working in Saudi Arabia

Located between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the Middle East’s largest sovereign state. This oil-rich nation is the world’s largest exporter of petroleum, however, there’s far more to the country than just its oil exports.

Despite 95 per cent of the country being covered by desert, Saudi Arabia is home to picturesque landscapes and areas of stunning natural beauty. The Kingdom also possesses a rich culture and fascinating heritage while also embracing expatriates from around the globe.

The nation also boasts a high standard of living and exceptional healthcare facilities not too dissimilar from those found in Western Europe and North America. Such amenities make Saudi Arabia an ideal destination for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals looking to live and work abroad. 

Living and Working in Qatar

Protruding into the Persian Gulf is the State of Qatar, a rapidly developing peninsula that has quickly become one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Dominated by low lying hills, shimmering salt pans, vast sand dunes and beautiful beaches, Qatar enjoys high levels of security, incredibly low crime rates and is widely considered to be one of the safest nations on earth.

The nation’s capital of Doha is a popular destination for those looking to live and work in Qatar. The coastal city boasts futuristic skyscrapers that tower above vast, multi-lane highways and massive shopping malls. However, despite Doha’s ultramodern appearance, the nation’s traditional ways are still there for all to see in the form of charming souqs that are scattered throughout the city’s streets.

Thinking about moving to the Middle East?

Moving to the Middle East to live and work is an enormous decision, but it is also an exciting opportunity that can prove richly rewarding. Our team of dedicated Recruitment Consultants and Licensing Officers will make sure that all your questions are answered.

Preparing to move to the Middle East

Life-changing decisions are never the easiest to make, and that’s why we believe preparation is key. Once you make the move, you will want to integrate into society as quickly as possible, so the more you know about your new home the better.

Our handy guides to living and working in the Middle East contains the information you need to adapt to life in the UAE, Saudi Arabia or Qatar. From learning more about the rich culture and lifestyle of your new surroundings to discovering more about everyday things like healthcare, banking and the cost of living. You’ll also find out more about the entertainment each country has to offer, ensuring you make the most of your time away from work.

These guides are intended for healthcare professionals of all nationalities. So, whether you are a doctor keen to learn about Saudi Arabia, a nurse who dreams of living and working in Qatar or an AHP yearning for a role in the UAE, our guide is the perfect companion ahead of your move to the Middle East.

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