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Managed Service Programmes

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Guaranteed Fill Rates

Our services are proven to uplift and maintain exceptionally high fill rates, typically above 95%.

We guarantee to boost your fill and ensure a consistent supply of contingent workers with support available 24/7. 

Rate Management

Our control of pay and charge rates have generated substantial savings for our clients with our managed service clients paying on average £11 per hour less than our non-managed service clients. 

We use management information to monitor average pay rates and escalation points, so your teams can make informed strategic decisions. 

Workforce Planning

How necessary is your agency spend? We find that many of our clients have high levels of unnecessary agency spend that we can identify immediately. 

By working in partnership with you, we can identify what is driving demand and develop new protocols to change inefficient or costly ways of working. 

Supply Chain Management

Taking full responsibility for the management of the supply chain, we ensure that all contracts, SLAs and audit requirements are managed, driving the removal of non-framework agencies in support of NHSI guidance. 

Our focus is about the fulfilment of your requirements at the best rates, making sure that quality and compliance remain at the core of what we deliver. 

Permanent Recruitment

We analyse long-term and recurring locum booking trends to identify requirements for substantive staff. 

Permanent candidates can then be proactively recruited into typically ‘hard to fill’ roles, generating savings and supporting continuity of care.


We will manage the compliance for all temporary staff, carrying out stringent vetting procedures in line with NHS Employers and framework standards. 

Supported by our independent clinical governance team, we can give you complete confidence in quality standards, and ensure your substantive staff are not working via agencies. 

Managed Service Case Study

In 2015, with ambitious plans to deliver challenging financial targets, Swansea Bay University Health Board asked their Master Vendor partner, Medacs Healthcare to help them reduce temporary staffing costs with a comprehensive onsite Managed Service.


Working with Healthcare’s onsite team has allowed for better planning, which means we spend only when we need to on agency. Support with strategic analysis and permanent recruitment help with continuity of care and financial budget management

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Senior Medical Workforce Manager

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