Relocating from the Philippines An experience of UK nursing

Relocating from the Philippines An experience of UK nursing

Jennilyn Tiu achieved her Nursing degree at Father Saturnino Urios University in the Philippines. After a year and a half of working as a volunteer staff nurse, Jennilyn decided she wanted to gain more experience. Medacs Healthcare helped her secure a role as a pre-registered nurse at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust which is one of the biggest and busiest NHS Trusts in the UK. 

Serving one million residents in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, Jennilyn is now part of a hospital team of more than 14,000 highly skilled staff. We caught up with Jennilyn to find out how she is settling into her new role.

Why were you interested in moving to the UK?

“I wanted to be challenged and to work to my full potential as a qualified nurse which is why I was interested in relocating to the UK.”

What do you think are the key benefits of living in the UK?

“For me, what is really good here are the staff benefits and the medical support provided. The place where I live is very nice and clean. It is cold but I do like it!”

How do you find working as a nurse in the UK compared to the Philippines?

“I am learning about the way things are done in the hospital which is challenging. Nursing practice in the UK is of a high standard, where staff put patients first, provide the care they need and get to use innovative equipment. I have also noticed a difference in the infection control procedures which are very strict in the UK.” 

Would you recommend the move?

“Yes, I would recommend it. Nurses should do their best to gain experience of working in different healthcare systems.”

Is there anything you wish you had known beforehand?

“I wish I was more familiar with the hospital’s safety practices and using the equipment on the wards.”

What support have you received from the hospital?

“The hospital team is supportive and I feel extremely valued. They understand that I am not from the UK so everyone is helpful which is comforting when I get lost! 

“I have also been given a mentor to support me. I can ask questions, receive one-to-one advice and become familiar with the nursing practice. There are some Filipino nurses working on the ward and it is nice to speak to someone who is from the same country, while I settle into my new role.”

What are your career aspirations and where would you eventually like to settle?

“I am currently studying for my OSCE exam. I wish to pass it so I can register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and work as a registered nurse. Although my family is back in the Philippines, my dream is to stay here and eventually settle in the UK.”

How would you rate the support you received from Medacs Healthcare with your relocation?

“The staff at Medacs Healthcare have been really helpful. They understood my needs and supported me at every step of the relocation process. The support has been very good!”