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How to write a nursing CV

Working in the healthcare recruitment industry, we’ve come across hundreds, if not thousands of healthcare CVs from various medical and surgical professions, many of which were highly readable and well structured, whilst others could have done more to impress.

It’s important to remember that when submitting your CV, it’s likely that the person reviewing your e-mail or documentation has received a high volume of RGN, RMN or HCA applications for similar positions, so you need to ensure that yours stands out above all the rest. But how?

This is where Medacs Healthcare can help. We’ve asked a number of nursing recruitment professionals from the Stafford office, to give us their feedback and guidance on what they believe makes a successful CV.

Follow these steps to success:

Contact details and NMC number

If you’re a Staff Nurse / RGN, ensure that you provide a valid NMC pin number to certify that you are authorised to practice nursing duties and include all of your contact details at the top of the page. This contains your full name, contact telephone numbers, address and e-mail.


Write a short but effective statement about yourself and your nursing career. Really sell your healthcare skills and capabilities.


Always start off by providing your most recent employment and go into detail of your daily duties, responsibilities and achievements.

This is followed by your previous employment, dating back to your first position. Don’t worry about being too descriptive but provide bullet points for duties and key skills.

Important Note: Ensure that you have the relevant experience before you apply for the position. To work as a Medacs Healthcare RGN, RMN or HCA you will require 6 months prior UK hospital experience within a Healthcare Assistant or Nursing position.


Next, provide details of your education, giving priority to your most recent HCA or Nursing qualifications.


Finally, finish off by including 2 references from senior nurses or members of staff. This helps your new employer / agency to process your application quicker in order to get you out to work. Alternatively, you can put ‘references supplied upon request’ if you’d prefer not to share their details at this early stage.

We hope that you find this information useful, it will certainly help to process your application quicker when applying for nursing vacancies. Just remember to keep your CV up-to-date and always run a spell check before you submit it - and if possible get a friend or family member to give it a once over too.

Download our free nursing CV template

If you need some help getting started, click here to download a free nursing CV template to make use of. 

Next step

Once you have you CV ready, take a look at our latest nursing jobs and apply today!

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